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Puppy goes crazy on a morning

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Crumpet1 Tue 29-Dec-15 09:47:50

Our puppy is 9 weeks old, we've had him for 1 week. He's been sleeping in the kitchen on a night and I've been getting up every hour and a half or so to take him out during the night.
By the time we're all getting up at 7 he is going bite crazy and will not leave our ankles alone for a good 2-3 hours. The rest of the day he will listen when we do no biting but for that period of time he is a nightmare.
What are we doing wrong?

jmck1 Tue 29-Dec-15 11:53:50

My puppy was like this in the beginning hes 2 now and still has the odd occasion were he gets to excited . We use to pick him up and put him back to bed or corner of room everytime he Niped until he calmed down. Took a few days for him to stop think it's just until they get use to new surroundings. Why are you getting up during the night? Can you not use puppy mats then that way he will know night time is for sleeping only.

AprilShowers16 Tue 29-Dec-15 12:01:39

We used to go downstairs in wellies to protect our ankles smile they grow out of it though

sElizabeth Tue 29-Dec-15 12:05:37

I would echo the above (our two grew out of this). Would also say, is anybody encouraging this at all (perhaps a visitor who thinks it's cute or funny). We have a neighbour who used to think it was hilarious when ours did this as puppies. It's not so funny now they're fully grown and he is the only person ours will still do this with!

knobblyknee Tue 29-Dec-15 12:15:54

As well as the wellies get him a tugger toy he can throw around.

Cheerfulmarybrown Tue 29-Dec-15 12:31:08

Have I read this right? You are getting up every hour and a half in the night to let him out? You must be knackered(and so must the puppy) ! There is no need to do this at all.

Take him out for a wee last thing and maybe once in the night (I am a lazy person and usually sleep through but take out the puppy early eg 6.00ish in the morning) If a large breed they will sleep through from 1.00- 7.00 quite soon.

Manic biting in puppies is often caused by excitement and tiredness.

Cheerfulmarybrown Tue 29-Dec-15 12:32:13

sorry I mean from 11.00 - 6.00 !

Crumpet1 Tue 29-Dec-15 13:08:09

Oh am i not meant to do that then? I read you were meant to do that instead of using puppy pads because they encourage weeing indoors. He doesn't use the pads anyway, much prefers a nice clean floor!
I am knackered though. Should I just get up when I hear him yelping? I just don't want to encourage weeing on the floor.

Wrt to biting on a morning we do put him in a corner to let him know we're not playing but he will not give up, it's like he's a totally different dog. Some visitors do let him nibble, they say it's ok to allow it cos he'll grow out of it. There's so much conflicting advice I don't know who to believe!

nmg85 Tue 29-Dec-15 13:38:09

We just took ours out when cried during the night, by 10 weeks old she was sleeping from 10 - 5 with no accidents.

Pippin8 Tue 29-Dec-15 18:30:59

I find mine nips when she's over tired. She's also nine weeks old, the first 2 nights she woke at 3.30am for a wee but has slept 11-6 since. Are you crate training?

Ours is full of energy in the morning & can be a bit of a whirlwind. We spray her with water when she bites or jumps up & say 'off' in a very firm voice. She is a large breed, so we do not want that kind of behaviour. We also praise her when she sits & is calm & pay her no attention if she barks or whines.

catsrus Tue 29-Dec-15 19:02:30

I've had dogs for 30yrs. I've never got up to take a puppy out in the middle of the night. I've never had adult dogs that went to the loo in the house as a consequence. Limit the space he has into a 'den' it might be a crate, it might be a small space. Take him out last thing, then settle him for the night. I always slept near the pups, unless I had an older dog that could do it, they are babies, they need comfort. Yes you might have to get up at 5am for a bit but you really shouldn't be getting up multiple times.

What breed is he?

Cheerfulmarybrown Tue 29-Dec-15 19:30:24

Take out every hour or so when the dog is awake but the clock stops when they are asleep smile As soon as they wake up take them out during the day. I encourage mine to sleep at night so never ever wake them to go out in the night.

Put him to sleep tonight and have a good long sleep yourself you must need it

ImBrian Tue 29-Dec-15 22:27:57

My 13 week old pup is crated over night and goes 11-7, I have to wake him up to go for a pee! He's in my room incase he needs to go out and cries but so far so good.

He seems much more bouncy on a morning though in the past week his nippings getting much better. I just need to work out how to stop him going nuts when people come in the house.

Girolle Wed 30-Dec-15 10:23:59

Crumpet1. You have my sympathies on the crazy mornings! My 11 wk old puppy goes crazy too. I understand the excitement of being let out the crate etc, but then I spend the next hour having my ankles attacked! I am trying everything. I stand still, but then he sometimes launches himself and nips and makes me wince. I also walk out of it's bad and redirecting him with a toy won't work. I stay out the door for a v short time and then go back in and praise him if he is sitting there calmly. However, many times I have done this and then he starts over again and I repeat.

I am trying all I can and trying to be consistent, but it is exhausting. I was prepared for this, but it is difficult when you are in the midst of it all and are short on sleep. I am also the main focus for ankle attacks out of our family of 5!

Re night time, I initially took him out 11.30 ish, woke up at 2 or 3ish to take him out and then between 5.30 and 6. After a few nights I left it to see what would happen and on the basis he would wake me if he wanted to go and he slept through. Now, he can go from 11/11.30 til 6ish. Give it a go and you might feel a bit more human!

Good luck Crumpet1. I just keep telling myself 'it's a phase, it's a phase'. wink

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