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New dog with baby?

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gglndn Tue 22-Dec-15 05:16:38

So we are currently staying at my Mum and Dads over th Chrisaa break and my 8 month old LOVES their miniature schnauzer. He is so happy wheneve he sees him, and while their dog keeps his distance (he is a little timid) my lo loves watching him.

At the moment it is just me and my lo at home and as we live in London my husband is out of the house about 11 hours a day. It does feel a little quiet and while I'm quite lovely I think getting a dog would be really nice stimulation for the lo. Am I crazy? My mother and husband both think it would be a bit much with a 8mo, but I also feel like I'm the one at home and love seeing his face light up with the dog.

Is it going to be too much work with a baby and puppy? What age is best?

Hoppinggreen Tue 22-Dec-15 09:38:22

Ive waited until my youngest is 7 t get a puppy.
Old enough to know how to behave with a dog, old enough not to get hurt by accident, old enough to stay on his own in the house on his own while I take pup into the garden etc.
I know people manage it but I wouldn't through choice

Oxfordblue Tue 22-Dec-15 09:49:10

Yes it will be too much work. Your DC will grab at the puppy whi will get fed up eventually & probably bite, growl, snarl, then you'll want to rehome him.

Wait ideally until you've completed your family & youngest DC is able to respect pets. My DC were 6 & 9 & that was a good age... Although DD has been told off for flicking DDogs tail...

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