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New dog with baby?

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gglndn Tue 22-Dec-15 05:15:35

So we are currently staying at my Mum and Dads over th Chrisaa break and my 8 month old LOVES their miniature schnauzer. He is so happy wheneve he sees him, and while their dog keeps his distance (he is a little timid) my lo loves watching him.

At the moment it is just me and my lo at home and as we live in London my husband is out of the house about 11 hours a day. It does feel a little quiet and while I'm quite lovely I think getting a dog would be really nice stimulation for the lo. Am I crazy? My mother and husband both think it would be a bit much with a 8mo, but I also feel like I'm the one at home and love seeing his face light up with the dog.

Is it going to be too much work with a baby and puppy? What age is best?

SweepTheHalls Tue 22-Dec-15 05:17:45

My Ds love our family dog smile, you do been to supervise them together 100%of the time, and be able to commit the time and tolerance to house training etc, but we wouldn't be without a family dog.

knobblyknee Tue 22-Dec-15 05:36:59

My son grew up with our dogs, you just have to pick the right one. Remember, kids stay in nappies for years but with a dog the house training is over by 6 months!
Go to Amazon or Ebay and buy Gwen Baileys book How to Raise the Perfect Puppy and read it cover to cover, then get stuck in.
Consider a puppy and kitten. Its twice the fun, they can entertain each other when you're busy.

1frenchfoodie Tue 22-Dec-15 07:03:45

My sis had a new baby and small poodle cross pup at almost the same time and it worked out brilliantly. They have a great bond and as sis was wheeling baby around it was a breeze to provide enough exercise for the dog (pups need limited walking at first). Larger/bouncier breeds that could knock a toddler over or needed hours of exercise when over puppy stage would be a bit tricker. Do you have a garden at home as if not getting all 3 of you ready to take pup out for its business will be a real pain.

Costacoffeeplease Tue 22-Dec-15 07:30:10

Bearing in mind your child is just about to start being mobile, then no, do you really want a crawling, cruising, walking toddler whilst house training/generally training a pup? Completely bonkers

Have you seen the multiple threads that get posted with predictable regularity about how hard and horrible pups are, how people 'do loads of research' and still hate their pups and want to give them back? Sometimes after days or weeks, never mind months? 'He's jumping up/chewing/nipping' etc - ie normal puppy behaviour

I've always had dogs, and have had 3 pups in the last 6 years, and every time I forget how much hard work they are, the initial toilet training, settling them at night, needle sharp teeth and claws that constantly scrape at you, then they get to 5-8 months, no longer little and cute, and become wilful and obstinate and stop doing what you've just trained them to do, pulling on the lead, ignoring recall - my youngest dog is just turned 2 and finally fairly sensible and predictable, most of the time wink

Leave it a couple of years, until your child is older, can understand instructions to leave the pup alone when necessary, and when you'll have more time to devote to training (pups can require intensive, repetitive training for up to 18 months depending on personality/breed) and save yourself, your child, and the pup from a whole lot of stress

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