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Happy Christmas pics!

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ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 19:43:06

Inspired by the gorgeous pics of the tiny little animals earlier can we have our Christmassy pooches?
Here are my boys ....

ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 19:53:29

Not forgetting our very special boy who left for rainbow bridge.

PUGaLUGS Sun 20-Dec-15 19:55:22

At a pug Christmas party last week grin

ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 20:48:00

Fabulous pic (&pug!!!)

Bubble2bubble Sun 20-Dec-15 20:54:01

Completely taking advantage of his sweet and gentle nature to take gratuitous Santa hat pictures...sorry ddog grin

chelsbells Sun 20-Dec-15 21:04:40

Merry Christmas! We all love a good Christmas jumper in this house!

ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 21:12:15

Awwwww smile

Absolutely gorgeous!

LBOCS2 Sun 20-Dec-15 21:16:30

My pooch is not feeling festive. Mostly he's feeling smug because he's Not Allowed on the sofa.

He looks very comfortable not-on-the-sofa, doesn't he?!

ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 21:18:46

Bubble2 loving the sleepy setter!

I used to walk one many years ago for our elderly neighbour, beautiful dogssmile

FuckyNell Sun 20-Dec-15 21:19:54

Puggy Christmas

Wolfiefan Sun 20-Dec-15 21:22:15

Clity fsad gorgeous face.
Bubble your dog looks drunk!
LBO that dog is clearly NOT on the sofa!

Hoping 2016 is the year I finally get my pooch!

ClityClityBangBang Sun 20-Dec-15 21:22:44

LBO grin
Ours aren't either wink

eandh Sun 20-Dec-15 21:23:11

Dd2 with 'her' doggy (actually he is all
Of ours but she's claimed rights on him and to be fair attended every vet appointment and all puppy socialisation classes plus she spoke to puppy training lady to check she can come to the classes in January!) he wasn't impressed with he elf jumper at all!

TPel Sun 20-Dec-15 21:24:10

Not festive but snowy.

ottothedog Sun 20-Dec-15 21:28:25


Raahh Sun 20-Dec-15 21:44:15

Christmas socks.

shortly before he tried to eat them

PUGaLUGS Sun 20-Dec-15 22:28:12

Fab pics!!

ARightOldPickle Sun 20-Dec-15 22:48:32

Lovely pictures! Merry Christmas from Molly fsmile

GinBunny Sun 20-Dec-15 23:47:55

My gorgeous poochy-poo wishing all of MN a happy christmas fsmile

roseandgrey Mon 21-Dec-15 08:53:40

Love this thread! fsmile

insan1tyscartching Mon 21-Dec-15 09:09:45

Happy Christmas from Eric (loving all the photos) Have tried to get him to wear a Santa hat or antlers but he's just not complying.......spoilsport!

Getit Mon 21-Dec-15 09:12:39

Wish I had a dog
Lovely photos everyone

MaitlandGirl Mon 21-Dec-15 11:41:01

This is Franklin in his Christmas bandana.

KinkyAfro Mon 21-Dec-15 13:10:27

My dog (lab) isn't feeling particularly Christmassy after her cruciate op last week but here's a few pics anyway. The other (Westie) is mums dog by the Christmas tree

KinkyAfro Mon 21-Dec-15 13:10:57

Oops, didn't mean to post the leg picture!

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