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Physio for small dogs

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lighteningirl Thu 17-Dec-15 09:05:44

My ddog 9 months old has a mild hip displacement he hitches one leg and has been prescribed anti inflammatory liquid and has just had his first physio. It was a bit odd, she says he needs massage and recommended some changes at home and another appointment but it was all a bit woolly iykwim. Any one else with experience of hip dysplasia/ physio £50 bloody quid he's worth every penny but some of her advice was quite contradictory

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sat 19-Dec-15 07:07:53

I have a medium dog with mild hip dysplasia on one side

He doesn't have any symptoms - we only found out when he was having X-Rays from something else

The vet said the best thing for him was to keep him really slim and to build up the muscles in his back legs so they would act like a corset keeping the joint in place

He's had hydrotherapy and swims a lot and his back legs are really strong so at the moment it seems to be working

If he starts showing symptoms we'll go down the physio route. Is your physio a 'proper' one? Ie qualified and needing a vet referral?

lighteningirl Sat 19-Dec-15 07:45:21

Thank you for the reply yes physio is based at our local veterinary hospital and recommended by vet.. I took him to work yesterday and one of my clients is an sociopath who works with dogs, she clarified some of what the physio had sais and I think we will jump ship and go thru her instead, she also recommended hydrotherapy and Bowen therapy?
Ddog is only ten months old I feel awful that height be in pain. He's loving the massages to release his shoulder tension and am working on building up his back legs.

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