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Rescue dog weeing in the house when I go upstairs.

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TheCunnyFunt Mon 07-Dec-15 19:27:07

We currently have a rescue Border Terrier girl on trial from a rescue, we have had her since last Sunday (so 8 days). She has really taken a shine to me and she follows me everywhere like some really tiny, bizarre looking sheep fgrin Every evening when I take DD to bed, the dog sits and waits at the bottom of the stairs and the past 3 evenings she's done a wee where she's been waiting. It's getting annoying now, coming down the stairs and having to sponge up and clean a puddle of wee!

Is there anything we can do about this? It's obviously an anxiety thing as she gets loads of toilet breaks through the day and it's only happened at these times.

She is such a sweet little thing and she is so so dinky for a BT. I really can't envisage taking her back to the rescue. I love her to bits already fsmile

CaptainKit Mon 07-Dec-15 19:30:59

Can you alter your routine slightly? Take the dog out for a wee immediately before taking your daughter up to bed? Also if you give the dog a treat - dentastix or a filled kong; something yummy that would take time to enjoy, again just before you go up that would make it more pleasant to be separated from you for that time.

CaptainKit Mon 07-Dec-15 19:35:09

Meant to also say; it's quite likely that she would get used to your routine in the long run, but the positive encouragement of the yummy treat will likely hurry that along, if it is just anxiety causing her to wee.

I'm assuming she's not allowed upstairs? Mine aren't and the puppy occasionally gets bored, so instead of weeing like yours does, he chews things. Usually his toys; but sometimes it's the furniture! Thankfully he's a sweet thing the rest of the time, almost makes up for having to restuff the sofa cushions!

TheCunnyFunt Mon 07-Dec-15 19:41:00

She's not but our other dog sleeps upstairs, when we first brought him home he mooed when we tried leaving him downstairs overnight (his howl sounds exactly like a cow mooing fgrin ) and we couldn't stand that at 2am so he's slept upstairs ever since. But now our bedroom is crammed and there is literally no where for the little girly to sleep. She's fine downstairs, doesn't make a peep. The kong is a good idea, I'll try that tomorrow. It's so simple I don't actually know why I didn't think of it fconfused

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