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Will a rescue adopt to a disabled person?

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JasmineBuckles Sat 05-Dec-15 16:05:29

BIL has some mobility problems that prevent him from working. He can walk short distances (about a mile) and can drive. We live locally and have dogs/time to help.

He lives alone, in a house with an enclosed garden. He is quite lonely I think, but very conscious of not intruding on us and lives quite a small life.

He's been saying he'd love a dog ever since he met my quiet, well behaved terrier. However, my terrier took a lot of work to get that way, and i don't think a terrier is the way forward.

I had the idea that an older rescue greyhound might work for him. We would be happy to give the dog longer walks with ours, and he could do the shorter ones.

Would a rescue adopt to him? I only have previous experience of the RSPCA, who refused to adopt an elderly lab with bad hips to my parents as they didn't have a six foot fence round the garden.

Floralnomad Sat 05-Dec-15 16:08:33

I can't see why a greyhound rescue would see him as anything other than completely suitable from your description.

AlpacaLypse Sat 05-Dec-15 16:08:40

Smaller rescues are more likely to consider each potential new home on its own merits. We'd certainly consider your brother if you approached us.

vjg13 Sat 05-Dec-15 19:56:12

We have just adopted a retired greyhound and the rehoming lady explained how they very carefully find the right dog for each person. We didn't want the 20 minutes walk requiring type and we certainly didn't get that!

I agree that smaller rescues will offer more flexibility and a more personal service. What area are you in?

Scuttlebutter Sun 06-Dec-15 00:16:02

There are many, many rescues who'd be delighted for your BIL to adopt from them. An older dog might be ideal - try the Oldies Club. An older, calm sighthound would also be perfect - there are many sighthound rescues - try EGLR who have no preconceptions and work very hard to fit the dog to the person. They often have older lurchers in who just need some TLC and a comfy sofa. Hounds First are another very good sighthound rescue - for instance would fit right into your BIL's lifestyle. He's 10 and gorgeous.

BagelSuffragette Sun 06-Dec-15 09:00:26

Would he consider being a vollunteer dog walker for the Cinnamon Trust?

There might be a suitable dog in your area that he could walk a few times a week. Less commitment but great feeling of helping someone

ScattyHattie Sun 06-Dec-15 10:53:34

I can't see why not if can manage dogs needs. Many greyhounds would be happy with couple of shorter walks if distance is a strain & mobility scooter always an option if declines in future.

I've 2 greyhounds & a lurcher, generally lurchers have more energy/stamina than greyhounds, often smarter (not always a good thing) & can vary a lot depending on breeds in the mix, so lurchers specific rescue can be better than general. My greyhounds are fairly easygoing, sleep most the day and if weather's awful tend to be more reluctant to go out than me. Look for a rescue that assess the dogs well as a higher prey drive dog or one that doesn't socialize with non greys well is going to be hard to manage for someone with mobility issues, probably also. Those straight from racing may need house training & general socialization as often lead sheltered life at kennels, but are frequently greyhounds returned to rescue as owners circumstances change or being fostered.

Are independent greyhound rescues too but not sure what area. The RGT branches are individually run so do vary in how the operate

TheCunnyFunt Mon 07-Dec-15 18:27:17

A retired greyhound sounds ideal. They sleep around 18 hours a day and love nothing more than snuggling all over you on the sofa fgrin they also tend to be fair weather dogs, you should see the filthy looks I get off my grey for making him go outside if it's raining fgrin

I thought the thread title said Will a rescue adopt a disabled person? I was thinking WTF? That's not what rescues do fblush fgrin

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