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Help with a car hating dog.

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Springermum1350 Wed 02-Dec-15 22:26:01

Hi. Long time lurker here. But have decided to actually take part.

I have a question.... I have an eleven month old springer spaniel. Since I picked him up from the breeder he has had car sickness. Poor thing spent the first six months of his life drooling being sick etc every time he went in the car.

Over the last month this seems to have passed. He now sits up while moving and looks out the window. It seems that what the vet said has happened.... His car sickness has faded. But I have been left with a dog who hates the car.

I have tried so many things, I have even tried putting him in the front passenger side with me but he still takes ages to get in. No amount of food, toys, excitement etc works. He just will not get in the car. When I get the lead out he runs to his bed and doesn't move when I'm putting his lead on. Getting out the front door is hard work.

Being a springer we go out a lot to woods, beaches etc every day so not putting him in the car is not an option. We live in a little village so going out in the car is vital to get to everywhere.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone know of I way I can help him?

Springermum1350 Wed 02-Dec-15 22:29:23

Sorry. I should mentio. That I have a bad back. So picking him up every time is beginning to take its toll.

My Springer x is much the same, despite doing the whole 'quick short trips round the block' thing when he was tiny.

So, I can't offer any advice but you have my sympathy.

The Springer round the corner hops up into the back of his owner's car, bum and tail wagging furiously. I pointed this out to Storm but he took no notice grin

BabyGanoush Wed 02-Dec-15 22:50:55

My lurcher was like this but is now 2 and much better

She has figured out the car means good things (walkies!)

She still shivers and pants a bit, but after a year of gentle coaxing and just lifting her in, she now jumps in and seems resigned to it.

Give it time, it will probably get better.

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