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What simple tricks can I teach her?

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bimandbam Tue 01-Dec-15 06:43:34

I have a 5 year old whippet bitch I want to do some training with. We had an issue at the weekend with her behaviour (she snapped at my nephew) and I think she will benefit from (amongst other things) a bit of training.

Just fun things I can do for a few minutes here and there. She already sits, lies down, speaks and gives a paw. Am going to work on stay while on walks and am teaching 'trust' at home.

Is there anything else simple I can teach at home? She is very bright and very food oriented so quite easy to teach.

pandaskitchen Tue 01-Dec-15 12:34:51

Big Whippet love here!

We do 'touch' with our Whippy girl, to teach we said 'touch' then put our hand on top of her head/lightly press and give her a treat, repeat that 3/4 times and eventually now when we say it she will come over and touch/nose our hands.

We have done the The Good Citizen Dog Scheme classes which was great fun and she seemed to really enjoy.

bimandbam Wed 02-Dec-15 18:25:33

Thanks Panda. I will try that. Am just on with teaching trust. Am tempted to try and teach her to count too!

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