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Small volume of high end kibble, any concerns...

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Chrisalice Sat 28-Nov-15 13:24:02

Particularly since the ones I have been using are based on whole prey, and having seen dog devour rabbits, there is obviously a lot more volume and surely also indigestible material in the whole prey than the minute ration of concentrate kibble. Are there no drawbacks to this...?

Stools are very soft on these feeds, in contrast with the times ddogs have some crunchable bones when they are compact and firm. They have also been less loose on less £££ all singing and dancing feeds (introduced and fed according to manufacturers etc etc)

I am in no way a zealot for any system, though always interested in peer reviewed independent studies, but I am specifically interested in the fact that the volume of these feeds is so small and the output so soft.

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