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Help with a clingy, hyper JR

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ValiantVelvet Wed 25-Nov-15 13:32:32

He's a year old and is getting worse. He can't be left on his own because he freaks out and starts destroying stuff. I came home yesterday after being away an hour to kind he'd trashed the kitchen. My other dog was with him. Leaving the TV or radio on makes him worse.

We have a DAP plug in which is doing no good. He gets plenty of exercise. I've suggested dog training classes until I'm blue in the face but my SO won't take him- I can't because the only local one is on a night I work and I can't change my days.

What do I do next? He'd be a lovely dog if he'd just chill out a bit! As it is, I'm getting really sick of him- you can't sit down without him trying to be on your lap, if you move he's up and following you. Any advice?!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 25-Nov-15 14:51:18

Then your SO is going to have to get off his arse and help. I can't really offer any good advice as I have no experience of this but yes, you're right, a bit of training and self control might help him. Or a behaviourist might be worth a try. That sort of behaviour isn't usual and you might want to get to the bottom of it rather than just treat it.

Would it be too late for crate training? My lab pup has a crate and he loves it. It's his secure little space and he often disappears into it for a nap. It's tucked under a table in the corner of the kitchen with a blanket over it, like a little den. I leave him in it when I have to go out, but never any longer than a couple of hours, or I'd come home to a trashed house too. I tried leaving him out of it when he was little. Left him with s stuffed Kong and all his toys, shut in the kitchen, and left my mobile filming him and he was going nuts round the kitchen, barking, howling, crying and destroying everything he could reach. I put him in his crate the next day and filmed him again and he went to sleep. He obviously feels safe in there. You can google crate training if you want to give it a go but I did it right from the start so I can't say how it would work with an older dog.

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