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Dog aggressive lab

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Labtest7 Wed 25-Nov-15 11:17:37

Hi, I've got a chocolate lab that will be 3 in April. He has always been well socialised, attending puppy classes and mixed with other dogs on walks etc but when he turned a year he began to get aggressive with other, mostly male, dogs. He doesn't need to be provoked and will often go out of his way to get to another dog. He never actually bites, it's all posturing but it looks awful and walking him has now become incredibly stressful. There are dogs that he plays quite happily with too and I can never predict which way he will react. He has been neutered but it hasn't made any difference. Can anything be done? He is lovely with people

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 25-Nov-15 11:21:44

I've got one of those! I am of no help though, because the only way I have been able to deal with it is to avoid other dogs. He is absolutely fine, almost disinterested in all females, and small neutered male and some large neutered males, but intact big dogs and some intact small dogs he would just attack with no questions asked.

I love him dearly, but wouldn't want another dog aggressive dog in the future.

I hope someone has some ideas for you.

Labtest7 Wed 25-Nov-15 12:48:22

Is yours also a chocolate lab throughthick? It's so stressful isn't it? I've had labs in the past and none have been like this. Today he leapt at a black lab on the beach. The black lab was unhurt, as like I said, he doesn't actually bite, but he was scared and the owner was furious. Normally on the beach the is fine as distracted by his ball. I'm actually dreading taking him out tomorrow.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 25-Nov-15 14:24:23

He's yellow, OP. I think Im partly at fault as he was bitten a few times by male black labradors when he was a pup, and he's never forgiven male labradors in general. I think he just thinks he'll get the attack in first before they do. Why I think I'm partly at fault is, as a first time dog owner, I didn't deal with it very well. With hindsight I would have socialised him like crazy with dog friendly dogs I know to teach him they aren't all aggressive; instead I was nervous and avoided dogs in case they went for him. It was like a vicious circle. He's 8 now and much slower, so it's easier for me to grab hold of him of I suspect trouble.

Good luck with your boy. Maybe some sessions with a dog behaviourist?

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Wed 25-Nov-15 16:23:17

I have a 3 year old golden retriever who is dog and people aggresive when on the lead. He has off lead walks only as he's perfectly fine with other dogs off lead. Occasionally he may go for an unneutered male. He had a particular hatred for Alsations at one point.
When we got our black lab bitch we took her to puppy training and the retriever also.
The trainer said the retriever is fear aggresive. I can't think why. He was socialised very well as a puppy.

He is much better now on walks but only off lead. I have to watch when other dogs approach. I can't walk him on lead anymore because he will lunge at other dogs and people.
I think a behaviourist would be the way to go.

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