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dog wee

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HammerToFall Tue 24-Nov-15 20:17:24

My two year old lab who has been house trained since three months has suddenly started messing in the house. I think it's the rain he doesn't like. I've started putting him out regularly but he has weed on the rig a couple of times. I soaked and scrubbed but I can still smell it in the room, and I'd you get close to the rug it stinks. Does anyone have any tips on house to get rid of the smell and neutralise it.

CMOTDibbler Tue 24-Nov-15 20:18:44

Simple Solution pet accident spray (in a turquoise bottle, PAH sell it) is the best thing for getting rid of smells imo

HammerToFall Tue 24-Nov-15 20:21:35

Thank you! I'll go and get some tomorrow! It's a new rug so would be gutted to have to replace it.

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