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Advice with nervous dog

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Crazypetlady Mon 23-Nov-15 22:00:17

I have a dog who was said to be husky collie but is probably more than likely chow/collie. I have posted on AIBU and have been directed here. He has likely been abused by previous owners and has quite a few problems.

He is very pully on the lead so I can't walk him with the pram or carrier. He can be agressive to other dogs on his walk depending on how nervous he feels that day.He barks and growls when people come in the house he can be frightening he wouldn't hurt them he is very soft once they are inside and he knows they are no threat.He is a very nervous dog we have had to move to a town and we were advised to walk him at night because he is reactive.

The major issue I am having is he is good with babies and toddlers in prams but he was nervous of my six year old cousin , he growled and ran off everytime he has met her. He has never gone to bite her or stayed growling, he has just growled and ran or hid behind me.She never hurt or touched him or even spoke to him he just saw her growled and ran.

I did think he needed to be rehomed as I was worried for my ds when he is older but he is a lovely dog to his family and we are looking into behaviourists I really don't want to be without him.

Does anybody have any advice or training tips in the mean time?
Thank you, and we use a ruffwear harness

EasyToEatTiger Tue 24-Nov-15 14:40:46

You need to make sure your dog has a safe place to retreat to. And make absolutely sure that the children are not left unsupervised with the dog. I have dogs who have no particular liking for children. It's something that needs to be respected to keep everyone safe. One of our dogs thought we were trying to hit him when we put sweets on the floor. It took a while for him to take them. You will get there!

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