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More grass allergy advice please.

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honeyroar Mon 23-Nov-15 21:53:16

Some of you may remember that I got a new rescue dog who turned out to have a grass allergy. I'd never heard of it and got a lot of good advice on here.

I'm pleased to say we've managed pretty well with it. She has a piriton morning and night, we keep her mostly off grass and wipe her with baby wipes if she goes on it (she does love a charge round with the others). We found a great tea tree, aloe Vera and candela oil gel that was superb for soothing itches. Cwe thought we'd cracked it.

HOWEVER! As the pollen season ended it seems as though she's got worse. She seems to be itching more while its rainy and the grass/ground is wet. As we live in the Pennines we're going to get a lot of wet! I'm even wondering if it's water she's allergic too. Anyway, before we go down the tests route I wondered if anyone had ever tried a barrier on the legs/belly? I was thinking of udder cream (which is a soothing cream for cows with mastitis and is contains tea tree) but I also use it on my horses legs for xc and its slightly greasy/waterproof. I also considered a baby oil with aloe in it. Again this is something I use on my horse as a barrier that reacts to mud.

Just wondered if anyone had tried anything like this..?

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 24-Nov-15 07:45:08

Next most likely allergies house dust mites and storage mites. So Hoover regular, wash dogs bed at at least 40 every three days, if dog has any soft toys freeze them for 24 hours once a week. Don't buy more than 30 days food at any time and keep it in an air tight box.
But with it escalating going to the vet would be a really good idea a) there are lots of things beyond piriton to control the itching b) allergy testing could identify exactly what she is allergic to and she maybe able to have immunotherapy that will reduce the allergy.

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