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Got to take the family dog to the vet for the final time tomorrow....

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MidLifeCrisis007 Sun 22-Nov-15 17:16:31

Our lovely Springer Spaniel (11 years old) is very poorly and we can't bear to see her suffer any more. My DD is hysterical.

Anyone been through this and had a child when them when the vet gave their dog its final injection? My DD is also 11 and sensitive.

LeaLeander Sun 22-Nov-15 17:21:28

No advice on the child aspect.

After my cat was pts the vet laid her body out in an exam room with her favorite blanket we had brought, and brought in chairs and water and tissues for us and said "you sit with her as long as you wish". The various staff who knew pet well came in to hug and offer condolences. Sounds odd but it really helped; she was 18 and like my child. Could you request a similar little funeral?
So sorry flowersflowers

Cheerfulmarybrown Sun 22-Nov-15 17:30:49

I so sorry sad.

I always get the vet to come to our house so the dog can just fall asleep in their bed.

Personally I saw our old pet dog being put to sleep when I was 10 and found the situation very difficult to deal with. I won't go into details but the end was not as peaceful as I had hoped and I still have dreams about it.

However my DC's have always chosen to be with our dogs at the end although they have been older in their teens and have been able to wander in and out as it has been at home. We do live on a farm and they are more used to birth and death than many DC's.

It is a horrible situation and never gets any easier flowers

MidLifeCrisis007 Sun 22-Nov-15 17:57:40

Thank you for your good advice. I think you're right - my DS is too young and sensitive to witness it. She's due back to boarding school tomorrow evening too so I don't want her going back too traumatised.

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