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What can i do..5 month pup, bad leash habit

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OnTheEdgeToday Sat 21-Nov-15 23:21:45

I had a regular material leash. Pup was fab walking. When he realised we were heading back home, he would get over excited and bite the lead and pull and tug.
I tried everything to stop. Trying to take it off him, he thought was great so that wouldnt work. Turning my back and ignoring doesnt work. Being firm and saying no doesnt work.
This problem them started happening if people walked past without petting him. He believes everyone pet him. When they dont, he takes it all out on the lead.

I bought a metal the hopes he would be discouraged by it not being so nice for his teeth. He now jumps up and bites my coat instead, or deliberately tangles himself in the lead so that i have to untangle which point he grabs my coat.

I have tried a harness...failed as he could turn around and get the lead still.
I bought a halti, but it is a bit too big so cant try that yet.

At the minute i am trying distraction. Since i know his triggers, i try and distract as soon as possible to prevent the behaviour happening at all.
It has worked mostly, but not always.
I am worried that he is clever enough to realise what im doing and no longer fall for distraction.

He has bit me a couple of times because of this. Not aggressively, just playfully. But he is growling and snapping when i try to untangle him etc. He jumped at me and bit my chin the other day when i bent down to untangle the metal lead that had wrapped around his leg in three different places. Which im convinced he does deliberately.

Any hints, tips or advice on what i can do...especially if he clicks on to this distraction

DorynownotFloundering Sun 22-Nov-15 14:44:05

Mmmn tricky, sounds like a typical naughty pup but I'm sure someone with more experience will be along shortly with advice.

Might be just a matter of persevering & ignoring him gently urging him on, and when he gets bored he'll look at other things. It is till early days!

The growling & nipping needs knocking on the head sharpish though before you get hurt ( or anyone else)

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