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Rescues who will rehome to families with young children

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MiaowTheCat Sat 21-Nov-15 19:59:44

Anyone got any suggestions? Don't want to go to a breeder - I've always had rescue pets. We had two rescue dogs - one Heinz 57 varieties of mutt and a retired greyhound, but since then we've had two kids (now aged 2 and 3 who've grown up around large dogs). We lost our greyhound recently to cancer and DDog1 isn't coping brilliantly being an only dog, and DH isn't coping brilliantly being back as a one-dog household, and I have the urge for another pointynosed thief at some point. It's just not the same knowing where shoes actually are and not having to hunt the left ones hidden in dog beds, and being able to leave stuff on kitchen worktops is freaking me out!

Just wondering if anyone had any rescues they'd had success with? Rest of the homecheck criteria I'm not too worried about (I'm at home all day, garden's secure, we're obviously dog owners in the past and have experience with sighthounds and dimwit questionable creatures) - but it's the kid angle I know we're likely to have issues with.

Looking with a view to a few months down the line when the kids are probably age 3 and 4 anyway as we've got a big kitchen refit in the new year and it wouldn't be fair to think of anything prior to that being over and done with.

darwin Sat 21-Nov-15 20:25:32

The Blue Cross let us have a rescue dog, and we had an 8 month old baby. They knew the dog had previously lived with children. She was a great dog and fab for the kids to grow up with.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sat 21-Nov-15 22:34:31

Black Retriever Rescue (they rehome more than black retrievers), Many Tears Rescue, Heathlands.

MagratGarlikAgain Sat 21-Nov-15 22:50:45

We have 2 rescue dogs - one from the RSPCA and one from Dog's Trust. My youngest was 2.11 yo when we got ddog1 and 3.10 yo when we got ddog2.

We also looked at dogs from Retired Greyhound Trust, Just Whippets Rescue and West of England Greyhound Rescue, who all approved us for adoption with young dc when we were looking for ddog2 (but we found a suitable match for ddog1 at Dog's Trust first).

Most rescues won't let you adopt just any dog when you have young dc, but will let you adopt a suitable dog. Sometimes you might have to go to a few rescues to find a suitable dog.

Galgos del Sol, who rescue Spanish Galgos and Portugese Podencos in Spain have lots of puppies at the moment, but IME, many UK based rescues don't have a one-size-fits-all policy.

MagratGarlikAgain Sat 21-Nov-15 22:53:12

and I should add - both of ours are rescues of the pointy nose variety.

DDog1 is a whippet, DDog2 is a (we think) whippet/greyhound cross (or Grippet, as we prefer to call her).

CMOTDibbler Sun 22-Nov-15 12:25:57

EGLR foster all their dogs, so are happy to rehome to people with young children if its right for the dog - you'll see on their website that they indicate which age group would work.
They can homecheck just about anywhere, and the dogs are in foster over a large area.

Talkmeoutofthis222 Sun 22-Nov-15 17:40:09

I have nothing to add to the thread, but wanted to say how much i enjoyed your op. I read it out to dh. We had a 'grippet' and really recognised the shoe/food/thief scenarios grin. Good luck!

Scuttlebutter Sun 22-Nov-15 19:06:19

Another recommendation here for EGLR. All their dogs are fostered before rehoming, and the rescue really know their stuff. They have a very handy table on their dogs for adoption page on their website telling you which ones are child friendly.

You could also consider Hope Rescue, who again sensibly take it on a dog by dog basis, rehome nationally and although an all breed rescue based in S Wales have masses of gorgeous pointy nosed hounds.

Try also Hounds First rescue - again a national organisation with a great approach.

MidLifeCrisis007 Sun 22-Nov-15 19:11:26

We got our Springer Spaniel from Battersea Dogs Home when she was 18 months old and my DD was the same age and DS was just 3 and a half.

She'd come from a family with young children and they wanted her to go to a similar family. In fact we were prioritised over a working couple with no kids who were ahead of us in the queue for her!

We were lucky. It was mid week and she'd only came available that day... don't ever look for a good dog on a website at the weekend...the best dogs tend to go within nano seconds - generally before being listed on the website. Also Battersea don't re-home working dogs for choice - they send them to working homes like the Police force. Our dog failed Police School though so she was returned her to Battersea (but they kept her sister).

My BIL got a labrador cross puppy from Battersea 13 years ago and he had a toddler at the time. It's about being in the right place at the right time!

MiaowTheCat Sun 22-Nov-15 20:14:58

Thanks guys - gives me some possible starting points in the New Year (want to leave it till after our kitchen refit is done as it's not fair to inflict the chaos on a new dog).

I do not know how the greyhound managed to tell left from right shoes but she only ever stole the left ones and DH is still missing his left slipper - I think she stole it and hid it as a parting shot.

It's not the same when my hand drops down the edge of the bed and doesn't have a lovely warm floppy greyhound ear to fuss over (and the owners of the gorgeous whippet I see on the nursery run won't let me dognap him!)

BagelSuffragette Sun 22-Nov-15 21:03:46

Smaller rescues are usually more flexible. I don't know where you are in uk, but in the SE look at Pro Dogs Direct, Next Chapter Animal Rescue. Also look at Black Retriever X Rescue, Balkan Underdogs (some of their dogs are in uk foster) and Silver Fox Dog Rescue (some in uk foster). All have FB groups you can join as more "popular" dogs don't even get to be on websites. You could also offer to foster.

SlaggyIsland Mon 23-Nov-15 20:06:52

Would you consider adopting from a rescue abroad? Where I am living just now, the rescues certainly don't rule out families with young children, there's such a desperate need for adopters.

SiencynArsecandle Mon 23-Nov-15 20:24:17

The Doodle Trust rehome all poodle mixes and are excellent at matching up dogs to the right family.

Purplepixiedust Tue 24-Nov-15 23:05:41

Have a look at Yappy ever after in the Midlands. They are a foster based rescue so assess dogs prior to adoption for their reactions to kids, dogs, cats etc. I imagine there are similar rescues nationwide. Yappy wouldn't home just any dog to a home with young children but they would a suitable dog.

JohnCusacksWife Tue 24-Nov-15 23:09:23

If you're open to adopting from abroad I can highly recommend Amicii Dog Rescue who rehome Romanian street dogs. They have many lovely dogs in Romania but also have a number of dogs in foster in the UK. Our beautiful new boy came from them and he is a joy.

BagelSuffragette Wed 25-Nov-15 16:53:46

JohnCusacksWife and you need to post a picture of your new doggie!!! <not playing by the rules> tut, tut grin

JohnCusacksWife Sun 29-Nov-15 16:01:33

Bagel, there are a couple of pics on the Romanian dog thread smile

Missanneshirley Sun 29-Nov-15 20:28:48

Labrador rescue in Scotland have just come back to us to say our kids are too young sad they are 7 and 4. We have just lost our lab so it wouldn't be a first dog for either of them

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