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Conflicting advice re night time for pups

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tinkywinkyshandbag Mon 16-Nov-15 20:09:43

Hi, we pick our new puppy up at the weekend (yay!). She is a rescue so they are not 100% sure of age but around 9 or 10 weeks. Foster Mum has been having the pups sleep in a basket in the kitchen, with paper down for any night time wees or poos. There is a crate but they don't really use it. So I am wondering what to do about sleeping arrangements. I am planning on crate training over time but it seems a bit harsh to go straight to overnight in a crate. Options seem to be:

Put pup to sleep in a basket in the kitchen with paper down, same as the foster home and just accept I will be wiping up poo/wee (I also worry she will be lonely, and cry)

Put pup in a crate downstairs and get up in the night to let her out.

Put pup in our room and set my alarm to get up in the night at intervals (the idea being to be awake before she is).

Put pup in our room and basically wait for her to wake us up, hoping that she sleeps as long as possible!

What do you all think?


Cheerfulmarybrown Mon 16-Nov-15 20:44:48

Ask the foster Mum to start to prepare the pup for leaving her siblings - ask her to separate the pup from the others in the familiar surrounding. Some foster parents will start to encourage them to sleep separately before they leave their home.

Take a blanket to the foster home that your pup can sleep on and make sure she sleeps on it when she comes to you.

I personally always sleep with pups and new fosters for a few days until they are settled. I sleep downstairs with them but you could take the pup into your room - up to you. The puppy will be upset and lonely and I want to be able to comfort them and hear when they need to go out. You may be lucky and she does not need to so I am way too lazy to set alarms. I would use the crate from day one if that is what you are going to use.

Enjoy your new pup

KinkyAfro Tue 17-Nov-15 14:20:19

Our pup was crate trained from day one without any problems, we put a massive teddy in with her, a tshirt that I'd worn, a ticking clock and lots of soft bedding so she could snuggle up.

She cried the first night but that was because she wanted a wee, we put her outside, without any talk/cuddles etc. and then back in her crate. She was totally fine. She's never peed/pooped in the crate, and still insists on sleeping in their with the door closed now, she's 3 years old. If they seem upset then do what Cheerful suggests and sleep near them.

I wouldn't use puppy pads or newspaper, the dog will keep weeing on those, you need to get her used to going outside.

tinkywinkyshandbag Tue 17-Nov-15 23:35:36

Hi both thanks, I have bought a crate which was described as for a small dog but it looks enormous! Also bought vet bed to go in, and we left a blanket with the foster Mum which will be coming with us. The crate is in the dining room, as there is nowhere else to put it - and it's too big to go upstairs. I think for the first night or two I might sleep in the living room which is right next to the dining room with connecting doors, then I can hear her if she cries but she won't disturb the entire household. Having our home check tomorrow, fingers crossed!

TheVeryHungryScreamerpillar Wed 25-Nov-15 11:49:26

Crate from day 1. Take pup outside to toilet last thing at night, then crate pup. Crate needs to be just large enough that pup can lie down stretched out but no bigger. Too big and pup will toilet in one corner and sleep in the other. First thing AM let pup straight into garden to toilet again. During the day, take pup outside after every meal and once every 30 mins between meals. Reward with treat and praise everytime s/he goes toilet outside.
If you catch the pup toileting inside the house, quickly pick up pup and put him/her outside (give treat once outside) if your too late to catch pup in the act don't make a fuss just clean it up. Put any poop outside in the garden (gives pup the scent and they'll poop where there's already poo).
We crate trained our springer in 5 weeks.

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