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Dog tags... what does yours say?

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Pigleychez Wed 11-Nov-15 20:20:28

Been to puppy class and was told it should have your name and address, postcode and phone number on it or we wouldnt pass the course.

They sell the tags so is this just a ploy for you to buy another? Puppy is chipped so all this info is on there. Ours currently has his name and our phone number on it.

What do you have on your dogs tag?

Floralnomad Wed 11-Nov-15 20:27:38

Ours has our surname , 1st line of our address ,postcode and phone number . What do they mean by pass the course ,is it a KC good citizen thing . I've always been told not to put the dogs name on the tag although frankly our dog gets called so many different things I'm not sure he knows what his actual name is .

ender Wed 11-Nov-15 20:35:23

Ours have my name and address and phone number.
Its a legal requirement to have owners name and address on dog collars.
Phone no. is optional but handy for getting dog back quickly if someone finds him.

fieldfare Wed 11-Nov-15 20:37:43

Our dog's has his name, our surname, house number, postcode and phone number on.

MuttonCadet Wed 11-Nov-15 20:37:59

Our name, address and phone number, not the dogs name. (As advised by pets at home).

DickDewy Wed 11-Nov-15 20:42:57

Ours just has a mobile number and, for some reason, 'I'm Chipped' on the other side.

I wonder if he gets lost people will think his name is Chipped.

Pigleychez Wed 11-Nov-15 20:46:54

We got ours from Pet at home too and they just asked what we wanted on it. No advise.

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 11-Nov-15 20:50:01

My mobile on one side. I am microchipped on the other

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 11-Nov-15 20:50:10

I got ours from PaH at one of those machines. On the machines was a printout of the legal requirements.
Anyway on ours is their name, house number, postcode and my mobile.

TiggeryBear Wed 11-Nov-15 20:56:50

Our dog has our surname & phone number on his tag on one side & I'm microchipped on the other.

RabbitDeNiro Wed 11-Nov-15 21:02:08

"Oh shit, I'm lost!" Call 077*****

ChairRider4 Wed 11-Nov-15 21:02:33

My name house number /postcode and phone number
On back it says micro chipped /netured as figure will help get him home

toboldlygo Wed 11-Nov-15 21:03:41

As above the legal requirement specifies name and address of owner and it is also a requirement of the Kennel Club Good Citizens tests if this is what your puppy class is working towards.

If your dog is picked up by somebody on an evening or weekend when vets and dog wardens aren't available then the microchip is essentially useless in reuniting you - much easier to just read it off a tag!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 11-Nov-15 21:12:21

Don't rely on the microchip. Not everybody scans for them.

HoneyDragon Wed 11-Nov-15 21:20:00

Mine has house no. Postcode. My Name. My tel and that she's chipped.

Got Brownie points when we got stopped and checked by the authorities, we were the only dog and owner they'd seen that morning with a correct tag.

PainAuChocolat23 Wed 11-Nov-15 23:49:55

Mines has my 2nd name, house number and postcode along with my mobile number and that hes chipped. Didnt put name on it on recommendation of local pet shop owner in case of dog theft

Toughasoldboots Wed 11-Nov-15 23:51:08

'I am chipped' and mobile phone number

Pigeonpost Wed 11-Nov-15 23:53:31

Yup, as others have said our dog has our surname, address (with postcode) and my mobile number on her collar tag. She is chipped too.

ChristinaParsons Thu 12-Nov-15 00:01:04

The law is the dog must have your surname and full address on the tag. You can be fined by a dog warden if they don't. I once found a dog that had a tag with its name on one side and I'm microchipped on the other. It was a Saturday night and had to keep the dog until Monday morning when I could take it to the vets to get the chip read. The owners were frantic

ChristinaParsons Thu 12-Nov-15 00:03:26

My dogs have full address, surname, mobile tel number and their names on tag. They are also chipped and tattooed in their ears

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 12-Nov-15 04:03:59

As others have said legally your name and address. Even after 6th April next year when microchipping becomes a legal requirement you will still the correct tag. The fine for incorrect tag is £500 as is the fine for not chipped or incorrect details of the chip register.
My tag has my surname, house number and postcode and my mobile phone number.

TheCunnyFunt Thu 12-Nov-15 07:59:13

My dog has a tag for each collar grin and each tag is the same, has the first line of our address, our postcode and my mobile number, and then on the back 'I'm chipped and neutered' although I did't really need to have the neutered part on it. You can just look to see if he has balls grin still, I suppose it'll come in handy if we ever get a bitch.

Collared Thu 12-Nov-15 10:04:03

We were told at puppy class that we needed the address on. It caused a half hour debate because one of the women there ran a high end jewellers & was very reluctant to put her address on. I went to a key cutters to get it done the next day & the guy there refused to do it as he thought I was leaving myself open to being burgled.

aginghippy Thu 12-Nov-15 10:11:25

TheCunnyFunt I know someone who works for a dog rescue, she has this habit of looking at all male dogs to see if they are neutered. When I spend time with her, I end up looking for balls too grin

My dog's tag has my surname, first line of address and post code, my mobile and dp's mobile.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 12-Nov-15 10:15:51

Our family name, first line of our address and postcode, mobile number, house number and 'mircochipped'. DDog 2 also has his rescue charity number and their phone number on the reverse of his tag.

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