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managing the eager adolescent...

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Chrisalice Tue 10-Nov-15 14:06:15

For the first time I am dealing with an urban adolescent. Suddenly there are other dogs everywhere! Even if we are on lead they often are not, and I'd like to get to the point of being mannerly with strangers without depending on the lead to inhibit unwanted behaviour.

We don't interact at all unless its with 'friendly' individuals. But how do people educate over-forward adolescents? Some dogs effortlessly convey a be calm and mind my space message which is understood and respected, others less so, and if permitted ddog would intrude eagerly into their space, bounce and play bow, foot prod in an attempt to invite play etc.

We're working with impulse control in general which should help, and rewarding desirable behaviours. Not sure what is best way to interrupt unwanted behaviour though... ask for sit, touch, look at me...

Please tell me how you got from boisterous beastie to sparkling socialite!

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