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Help! Need to let neighbour's dog out- massive fail yesterday.

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SignoraStronza Tue 10-Nov-15 10:37:11

I feel really daft for having to ask you thisblush. My neighbour has a lovely Bernese Mountain dog. A real gentle giant, who has always been really docile and sweet natured. She's just got back to work after a long break and, as our other neighbour (who used to let him or for a wee and a quick walk at lunchtime) has moved, I offered to do it for her. We have a large GSD which dh takes to work with him, so was looking forward to getting a bit of exercise in.
Anyway, I popped over with Dd (3), who was instructed to wait outside and the baby on my back. Dog shot out and I just about got collar and lead on him, but not properly, before he bolted upstairs. I couldn't coax him down again. Dd needed a wee at this pointhmm so we went home and then raced back to deal with the dog. I popped upstairs and managed to get collar properly on him but couldn't get him downstairs despite lots of gentle coaxing. He then snapped at me and growled, baring his teeth.
Obviously I left at this point and phoned dh (v. experienced gsd owner), as I had paranoid visions of him hanging himself on the bannister or something! DH managed to get collar off him and dog had a wee by the step, but he said he was grumpy. He phoned owner's partner, who said he was just unhappy because his 'mum' wasn't there.
I'm wondering if I should attempt it again. If perhaps the squeaky children bothered him, although they didn't go anywhere near the dog (and don't, have been well trainedwink). Or if it was because I went into his territory or something.
Another neighbour (who also had large breed dogs) has offered to come with me today, before I pick the 3 year old up this time, but I'm rather put off. And if Im honest a bit upset. blush My old neighbour never had any issues with him, neither did her (older) dc.
Any advice?

magicstar1 Tue 10-Nov-15 11:14:30

If I were you I'd go around when the neighbour is there, so you're introduced properly to the dog. Then help put on the collar, lead etc. and maybe walk together. The dog needs to know and trust you.

SignoraStronza Tue 10-Nov-15 11:22:00

You're probably right. I did think he knew is as we always stop and chat and male a fuss of him, but he probably needed to see me in the house with his owner present. I wanted to pop over last night but dh went away for work yesterday afternoon, so wasn't able to leave the kids. Will try talking to her tonight.

tabulahrasa Tue 10-Nov-15 12:07:33

He was scared - I'd go in and just hang out for a bit, with food, lol, and wait for him to come see you. If you can even get him in the garden after half an hour or so, you'll have at least broken up his day and then build up gradually to actually walking him.

Meeting you is very very different to you coming in, touching him and trying to take him out...some dogs just take a while to adjust to a change like that, I'd be a bit freaked out if my neighbour tried to kidnap me smile

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