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Our new puppy is here!!!

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SmileAndNod Sat 07-Nov-15 07:24:57

And we're all completely besottedsmile. Had forgotten exactly how much hard work they are - and I say that as someone who had 3 children in 5 years!

Toilet training is not going well, we take him outside he sometimes does a little wee we make a big fuss of him then comes in and does another or three on the carpet. He has also pooed twice in the house in the same place. I'm washing with a bio powder and hot water solution. Is this wrong? Early days I suppose though. He's also not eating that well at the minute -and certainly not as much as the diet sheet says - but I suppose that's to be expected? He had a good night in his new crate and we didn't need to get up to him at all.

Any ideas as to toilet training? We have puppy pads around the place but ideally we want him to go outside, and when he does we make a big fuss of him. The neighbours must think I'm mad!

And finally, here he is:

Cheerfulmarybrown Sat 07-Nov-15 07:51:35

In a rush, but get rid of the puppy pads and just take him outside. The smell of the puppy pads encourages the dogs to wee, so if you use them inside......

He is gorgeous

TheoriginalLEM Sat 07-Nov-15 08:00:58

I agree with cheerful - lose the puppy pads.

When a dog needs to toilet it will sniff around, generally in circles so when you see him do this, encourage him to go outside. Then wait until he "goes". When he goes, provide him with a treat, but don't make too much fuss as this may startle him or over excite him and he will associate going outside with being startled or totally forget that he is being rewarded for the piddle.

It is early days and it will take time - don't scold if he does have accidents and yes, bio washing poweder is spot on. You can dab with meths once it has dried to totally get rid of the smell (that he can smell but you can't)

I shouldn;t look at these posts - i get broody smile

SweetLathyrus Sat 07-Nov-15 08:09:50

So gorgeous.

Have patience, clean up without comment, and as PPs say, concentrate on going outside, puppy pads will just prolong the process.

And just like babies, rest when he rests!!

SmileAndNod Sat 07-Nov-15 10:06:14

How can a small being produce so much wee?!

It's a windy rainy day and he really isn't keen on toileting outdoorssad. I'm taking him out after waking up, eating, and about 30 minutes in between those. Is that wrong?

Being a baby beagle he is constantly sniffing so I'm trying to learn (fast) when it's a sniff or a wanting a wee sniff. All the poos he's done so far he's done in the house as we didn't notice the signs. Third time I did notice but only made it to the pad near the door (where he's been both times previously). Pads are now gone. In the house but I'm still cleaning up. Will get some meths too.

Is it ok to use a pad in his crate overnight as he didn't ask to go out last night?

I've put on his collar this morning as we're going to the vet today. Should we keep that on even in the house?

I'm sorry for so many questions. I read, asked questions, have breeder guidance, watched you tube and I still feel lostshock

He does do lovely puppy cuddles though and I'm slowly getting used to the wet dog smell will be buying candles later

Shriek Sat 07-Nov-15 11:47:36

thats spot on Smile the routine that you have with him.

what a lovely dpup! smile

dpups are generally not keen on being out in wet/cold/windy. they lose heat fast and instinctively want to get back into the warm, but if you can find a sheltered spot and chat and walk with him in just sniffing around he will naturally feel the urge to wee, especially if you've lifted him straight after a sleep, or food.

You should notice a change in his focus. Some can look quite agitated before a poo, sometimes some spinning around, but with a wee little dpups litterally just drop en route and out it comes! mid-walk without any sign at all, you just have to be quick.

I would be worried about a dpup of this age not relieving itself all night!

and this bit i don't understand about crating because i've never done it, but it is extremely stressful for a ddog /pup to be put in a situation where it wees in its own sleeping quarters (if its been bred and reared well), and this could put a lot of strain on little dpups bladder/bowel. I guess it depends on the crate size, put something (whethe ryou use a pad, or some newspaper, at the furthest point away from dpup).

It is jolly hard work though a lot of it being vigilant and patient, and not getting to stop!

its early days and I'm sure you will get there smile

re: strong cleaning products, these are definitely to be avoided in areas around young animals/animals generally as they are incredibly strong and can set up reactions. I would advise using as mild as you can get away with.

have a lovely weekend with your dpup grin

Shriek Sat 07-Nov-15 11:48:57

oh, and the worries that you have. I'm always really pleased when my new owners are this way as its the normal reaction from a caring family with a new young animal in their home and natural concern to get it right smile

pigsDOfly Sat 07-Nov-15 13:50:12

For cleaning up where he wees and poos the products you can buy in the pet shop are imo brilliant. Johnson's do something called Stain & Odour remover, you can buy it in Pets at Home or possibly in a supermarket.

It's gentle on your flooring - used it on my wool/nylon carpet without any problems - can be used on upholstery and leaves a pleasant smell.

I've had some in my cupboard for some time - used it recently when DD's dog was staying and I didn't realise she had to be let out when I hoovered otherwise she pees on the carpet - anyway, used it, got rid of mark and smell in one go and neither my dog or DD's dog went back to the spot or showed any interest in it. So much easier than messing around with washing power.

pigsDOfly Sat 07-Nov-15 13:52:34

Oops forgot to say, gorgeous pup. Enjoy him.

SmileAndNod Sun 08-Nov-15 17:45:54

Well were on day 3 and goodness it's all consuming isn't it? Don't think much has been done this weekend apart from play with the puppy and watch him sleeping.

He is crated at night and when we have dinner - bed at one end and paper at the other. He only woke last night because I disturbed him. He has spent pretty much all day today asleep . Is that usual? Could it be an after effect of the jabs yesterday? He was so good at the vet, but spat out his worming tablet so we need to find a way of doing that in two weeks. He has started eating a bit more too, but still not as much as on his diet sheet.

He has (mostly) weed outside today - only a few little accidents inside and one of those was my fault as I couldn't open the door quickly enough.

He is an absolutely gorgeous boy and I can't believe how much we all love him already. DH is completely smitten and just keeps looking at him saying 'he's lovely'. I think I may have moved down a place in his affectionsgrin

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 08-Nov-15 17:55:13

He's gorgeous. I adore puppies, although I'm sure I've forgotten exactly how much hard work they are...enjoy him.

pigsDOfly Sun 08-Nov-15 19:58:45

Aw. You sound as if you're having such a lovely time with him Smile. Puppies are full on but the rewards are huge.

Yes he will sleep a lot. It's all: rush about, poo, wee, sleep, repeat. smile Oh, and the odd cuddle from time to time.

lanbro Sun 08-Nov-15 20:06:00

Sounds exciting! We're bringing our new pup home next week and I can't wait! Never had a puppy before, just rescue dogs, but didn't want to take a risk with having toddlers. MIL is fortunately an expert so will be following her advice.

He is gorgeous!

CakeMountain Sun 08-Nov-15 20:17:52

So gorgeous smile

MaitlandGirl Sun 08-Nov-15 22:06:05

For his worm in tablet try rolling it in cheese spread then giving it to him like a treat. That's the only way I've ever managed to worm my dogs!

pigsDOfly Sun 08-Nov-15 22:41:49

Gave my dog her worming tablet today. After a lot of faffing trying to disguise it in various way, I ended up crushing it and wrapping the powder in smoked salmon - yes I know smoked salmon is questionable but I was desperate - and finally managed to get it into her.

It's shaped like a bone, Ddog doesn't know this and anyway I really don't think that is going to impress her, and it's beef flavoured, she doesn't like beef flavoured dog food let alone beef flavoured pills.

Now, if they made it taste of rabbit droppings we might get somewhere.

Shriek Mon 09-Nov-15 01:03:57

have to say i have never tried to just 'give' a tablet to an animal.

For pups because wormers are so harsh nowadays and dissolve the worms i use a paste for puppies on all mine, including the other animals.

Now pastes are hard working, but even worming a whole litter with paste isn't too bad if its syringed in with something creamy and yummy!

Shriek Mon 09-Nov-15 01:04:33

I always throw a tablet of any kind straight down the throat!

Shriek Mon 09-Nov-15 01:05:32

hard work not 'working'???!!

HoneyBeGood Mon 09-Nov-15 01:11:14

We got a beagle pup in April. I wasn't prepared but glad to say things are finally better. Just keep on top of the training - stick to the rules. Break them once and the dog will just keep breaking them. We got a dog trainer to come to the house for a few hours to teach us some positive techniques... It made a massive massive difference. Highly recommended.

SmileAndNod Mon 09-Nov-15 06:35:22

Beautiful honey, just beautiful. We had researched beagles so know just how difficult and stubborn they can be. This weekend has been quite hard work though, what with trying to teach the puppy, the children, the weather. Exhausted already and it's only Monday!

As for worming will try some of those ideas thank you. Our old dog used to hate it too, even hidden he just ate the treat and spat the rest out!

SweetLathyrus Tue 10-Nov-15 16:34:49

It may not work for everyone, but I hold the worming tablet in my closed hand (also one of the bone-shaped ones) and jump about excitedly with lots of "Whaz ziss" and other doggy come-ons. By the time the dog is desperate to get at the 'exciting treat', he will eat anything I have in my hand! (although he does have fluff for brains!).

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 10-Nov-15 16:42:05

I put tablets in a square of cheese, never fails, but I have greet labs.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 10-Nov-15 16:43:49

I rattle about with dishes, and biscuits and toast or lunch or tea and cake (for me!) and the boys come ever closer and closer....and then "oooh loookkkk what I have!! Would you like some???? ...I think it's chiiiiickkkkkkken...."

by which time both boys are like ravening beasts and will eat anything proffered!

SmileAndNod Wed 11-Nov-15 12:14:44

Day 5.

Beginning to WTF have we done. He's lovely, excellent with the children but today has gone badly.

I've had to leave him twice (45 mins each time) for school run and then doctors appointment for child 1 who is now off school.child 3 is having tantrums. He has had two accidents on the floor despite being in the garden all the time I've been in this morning. I caught him eating a snail so I'm worried about that.

He's not always coming when called and I can't find any food he likes enough by way of bribery. In fact he's not eating anywhere near as much as his diet sheet says, I'm wary of mucking about too much with his food as I don't want him to be poorly but I also with about him not eating muchsad

Today's just a bit difficult. He's asleep on my lap at the moment. Which is lovely but it's not getting the housework done!

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