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Chrisalice Thu 05-Nov-15 12:06:29

Sheesh, who knew so little could be so harmful!

Chrisalice Thu 05-Nov-15 12:12:26

Having been told a horrific story of a dog's horrible death after eating slug pellets I am paranoid there are substances laying around that I don't know are poisonous (though I think I'd have guessed slug pellets were not a health food!). Does anyone have a link to a comprehensive list of the things that might be encountered in the average house or garden?

pigsDOfly Fri 06-Nov-15 00:32:48

You can google it Chrisalice; there are lists all over the net of foods, plants etc that are harmful to dogs/cats.

It's horrifying how many plants that we might have in the house or garden that are toxic to dogs or cats. It's well worth a look.

Floralnomad Fri 06-Nov-15 00:41:38

When my dog was a pup he was very sick from chewing a daffodil bulb that he had dug up ,we were extremely lucky that we stopped him quickly and he had only eaten a tiny amount.

LimeJellyHead Fri 06-Nov-15 21:35:04

Here's plants and flowers and here are foods and this is specifically Christmas foods, just because it is a time of year people often feel a bit more lax and feed their dog scraps of human foods as a treat

Hope those help.

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