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3 yr old dog is skittish/unsettled after annual booster, is this normal?

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ThatWentWell Mon 02-Nov-15 22:03:44

Dog had her annual booster this morn and a worming tab (usual, 3 monthly one). She's been fine all day but tonight is a bit skittish, running around and a bit unsttled.

Is this normal?

ChairRider4 Tue 03-Nov-15 06:04:41

Hmm can be my boy goes other way after jabs and conks out

But we have noticed he can no longer have Drontal as sends him loopy

RainbowBodyDouble Tue 03-Nov-15 06:27:20

Sure it's not fireworks?

We are mid meltdown at home.

Even the bloody cat is joining in and I've seen her sat on the post watching fireworks so she isn't scared.

The poor dog looks like she's been on a hen weekend with Lilly Savage.

ThatWentWell Tue 03-Nov-15 11:20:13

She's fine today, found a slug on her, do that may have been the problem!

Thx for the replies.

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