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puppy love

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fourpawswhite Fri 30-Oct-15 09:12:51

They really get to you don't they? We got a puppy in July with the intention that our old dog would retire from going with DH on the farm and spend more time snoozing in my office. Puppy had other ideas and does not want to be a farm dog. She loves DH but is well and truly my little shadow. She never leaves my side and has squished her way into my heart and bed.....

I have never had this before. All our other dogs like me but are very much DH dogs. This little bundle has just attached herself to me. I am in love. I know from the farm that dogs often choose their person but never really thought that would be me. Poor DH will need another working dog now one day as this one certainly won't be leaving my side. Older dog also pleased as she did not really want to retire, she just wants to be with DH.

Anyone have any other tales of unexpected bonding? Miserable wet morning and she's cosied in on my lap watching me type. smilegrinbrewme luffs her!!!

peasareevilcreatures Fri 30-Oct-15 10:20:29

Mine isn't really a puppy anymore, she's 18 months but just she'll always be my puppy.
Nothing better than putting your face into that lovely soft fur when she's snuggled up on you and puppy breath is the best.....those little sighs when they are sleeping, I'm in love too.

Pigleychez Sat 31-Oct-15 21:35:55

My 5mth old Lab is a cutey.. but a terror! We have had him for about 6 weeks now and it feels like hes always been here (trashing the place).
Love the evening cuddles on the sofa.. Although he's rapidly growing and not really a lap dog!

CakeMountain Sun 01-Nov-15 00:46:52

Awww - nice post!

lighteningirl Sun 01-Nov-15 19:05:24

I've always thought I was a cat person can't believe how wrong I was ddog is eight months today the last six months have been bliss he completes me

fourpawswhite Sun 01-Nov-15 21:08:28

A www, just lovely. Yup, I did not think I was anyone's person, cat or dog, now I just look into her massive brown eyes and my heart melts.

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