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Neighbour's dog

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MrsEricBana Tue 27-Oct-15 16:00:56

Help! I am not a dog owner but I really like dogs (I have 4 other pets). My usually lovely neighbour has young wire haired viszla (1yr +). We live in a quiet town street near parks etc. Whenever neighbour sees my children and me he comes over with the dog or or off the lead and it proceeds to hare round, jumping all over us, trying to put its paws up on our chests, racing around in the road etc. He also tries to encourage dd (aged 12) to kiss her on the face, lets the dog lick his face etc. I cannot stand any of this as I feel that the dog could accidentally bite my daughter's face/eye, licking faces could spread germs and least of all, which I wouldn't say to him, could damage/put dirt on our clothing. I have explained to him nicely that I don't like it (and told him I was bitten on the face when I was a child) and then told him in no uncertain terms that I don't like it and why and please don't do it. I know lots of people with all sorts of dogs and I have never experienced anything like it. This man seems to think it is my problem and won't respect my wishes. Otherwise he is a nice and thoughtful person. Please tell me that I am not being unreasonable as it is making me anxious about going out of my own front door. Yesterday somebody else had been asked to walk the dog and it was racing around in the street when I was trying to get dd to an activity and we struggled to get in our car as the dog was leaping all over us. (I also don't want it to put dd off dogs generally)

nmg85 Tue 27-Oct-15 16:57:28

You are not being unreasonable, this is awful behaviour by the owner. Vizla's do tend to be excitable... there is one here that does exactly the same thing. He jumps at me and winds my dog up despite her being on lead. I think you need to be firmer and if not then the next step would be something like the dog warden perhaps? Is it just you do you know or does it happen to others?

ThatsNotMyRabbit Tue 27-Oct-15 17:10:59

You need to repeat yourself until it sinks in.


You meet neighbour and dog.
"Oh hi! How are you?"
Dog starts jumping/licking.
"Oh whoops don't do that Rover - we don't like it!"
Neighbour says "Oh he's only being friendly!"
You say "Oh yes I know haha! But we don't like it"
Dog keeps doing it/neighbour keeps allowing it.
You say " if you could not allow that it'd be great. Because as I said, we don't like it".
Neighbour "he doesn't mean any harm".

You: "Yes but we don't like it" and WALK AWAY. Be rude if you have to be. He's being very rude.

MrsEricBana Tue 27-Oct-15 18:06:15

Thanks for your replies. I thought I was being pretty firm the last time but he's just not getting it (he has a very strong personality and this dog is his baby). I agree though, I need to be even firmer and then just walk away as you suggest. [At the end of the last interaction he said "You obviously aren't a dog person and you need to stick to your hamsters" - a) rude b) I don't have hamsters, which well he knows c) I like dogs!]
I spoke to another dog owning neighbour just now who has a beautifully trained springer spaniel and she told me that a lot of people can't bear the dog and that it and another similar sized dog are taken to play at the park and race up to people walking back from town with their shopping, terrifying them. She said I am definitely not being unreasonable too as she has experienced similar re the jumping up. This dog has also raced into my house when off the lead, terrifying my cats. I am not sure I could go to the dog warden as that would be it friendship wise but one of these ladies certainly could. Thank you for your advice.

nmg85 Tue 27-Oct-15 18:08:46

I thought you could go anonymously? The dog went into your house that is out of control what if there had been a small child or baby in there for example. If other people are concerned then I think you should think about next steps... He seems oblivious of the issue and very rude with it. To be honest I wouldn't want a friend who disrespected me in this way.

MrsEricBana Tue 27-Oct-15 18:16:43

Well tbh it has put me right off him as i realise he cares more about the dog than upsetting/potentially hurting us and others. I will look into the dog warden thing, thank you.

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