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Foster pup with 2 year old dog ... To keep or not to keep?

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Flum Tue 27-Oct-15 15:16:19

We have a two year old dog (totally mixed breed island dog) we all live her and she is chilled, fun and a great alert dog too.

We had discussed getting another dog before, the kids are keen. .... I sort of am. I love my current dog and I quite like the calm of havign just one dog.

So we decided to foster One to see how it woudl go. The puppy is about 4 months. Was basically born feral then caught and has spent a month at the dog home on the island. She is very scared and timid. Not playful... Probably not had much fun up to now. She is vey pretty..... But I have to say I have not really bonded with her... As she keeps runnign away from me and hiding under the table. The resident dog just seems kind of a bit irritated by her and has basically taken herself off to live at the other end of the house.... I miss her. She doesn't sit with us in sitting room anymore.

The kids quite like the new pup but they knew she was a maybe.

we have had her since Saturday only. I am thinking ask will just take her back today... I don't think she is the right dog. For us and I worry that I will always begrudge the change in the family dynamic that has happened since she came.

TheMotherOfHellbeasts Wed 28-Oct-15 06:48:17

I think it takes time. I've fostered and adopted a lot of dogs and the settling in period is usually in the months. When we rescued ddog2, ddog1 shredded tractor tyres in fury,sulked,tried to kill ddog2 more times than I can count, and generally wasn't herself for a few months. They now get along fairly amicably most of the time (not bad for breed which tends to hate other dogs), and we have since rescued another dog. Ddog1 is back to her usual self.

Can you give it a bit longer? You've got to do what's best for you, but time can make all the difference.

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