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Wotsitsareafterme Mon 19-Oct-15 13:04:24

Wotsitpup is nigh on 6 months. I adore him we are over the worst of the puppy days. (He is a golden show cocker constantly admired by strangers).
He does bark though! How do I start to tackle this gently? The worst barking is caused by electrical appliances. He hates the washing machine so much I put it on before we go out and I moved his crate right away from it. The spin cycle is torture. This applies to hairdryers/food mixers - you get the idea. The worst is the lawn mover - give me strength!! I crated him eventually - made no difference. I chase him with the vacuum though he he.
Second thing....I am considering getting him a friend. I look after a (of all things) chihuahua quite a bit - there is never a happier time than when the tiny rat dog is at our house - wotsitpup is so so content. I never ruled out a second dog but I'm not having another puppy. I've been offered a gorgeous collie please rein me in!!
Other things I could do - what about that borrow my dog thing? Can I walk someone else's dog with him is that how it works?
Is 6 months too young should I wait a bit? I was thinking after Xmas realistically. Dd wants another cocker - I laughed in her face. Dd2 wants the chihuahua. I sort of visualise something westie sized?

Lastly he is amazing off the lead and pulls a lot on it. I have tried correcting him at every tiny pull. This sort of seems to work. Is this right? Any other advice? Tia

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