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My darling girl in being put to sleep...

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woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 00:23:57

...on Monday and I am struggling to deal with it. It needs to be done, she is 13 years old, is incontinent, her back legs have gone, she has mammary tumours and is whining all day but I cant imagine my life without her by my side like she always has been. She has been my constant companion whilst starting a business, having a baby and all life has thrown at me over the years and I feel as if I am losing a part of me.

Alterego1965 Sat 17-Oct-15 00:29:29

I'm really sorry. I did the same thing this year. I'll be thinking of you. Better a day too soon then a week too late.

Brave decision x

woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 00:31:26

Thank you alterego, what was your situation?

westcoastnortherneragain Sat 17-Oct-15 00:36:44

flowers I'm so sorry to hear this, I found this poem to be a comfort to me when I've lost pets

woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 00:40:08

Thank you Westcoast that is beautiful and comforting. How do they worm themselves so deeply into out hearts?

woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 00:42:50

'our' hearts

Alterego1965 Sat 17-Oct-15 00:45:05

Well I had my lovely Heinz 57 from a rescue. He was fat and depressed. I'm not being rude but he was! He then just gently and smoothly wormed his way into my heart. I've moved house loads, I've had 2 children, for divorced and got remarried. My lovely dog was just there by my side. Day in, day out.

He was just easy and honest. A real trouper. He got unwell, then a bit more, and more.... I just knew. I just knew that his old bones weren't propping him up any more. The pleasure in life had diminished and that was enough. I made the choice and although I miss him dreadfully. I don't regret it at all. X

confusedandemployed Sat 17-Oct-15 00:50:07

If if is time, the you know. I'm so very sorry.

But be proud. Be proud that you, as a responsible owner, are giving your beloved one the best death. Not many people get that, and it is something to be cherished. My dogs are 13 as well and the time is coming. I just hope I have the strength and love to do what you are doing flowers

woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 01:01:11

It's not easy confused that's for sure. In herself she is not too bad but she is distressed that she cant walk about anymore and that she wees and poos in her bed. Sorry to hear that you are almost in the same situation that I am.
Alterego your dog sounds like a real sweetie, it's so amazing how they are so accepting and loving no matter what is happening in your life.

BestIsWest Sat 17-Oct-15 21:00:50

I'm so sorry. We lost our boy in August and I am still devastated. They are so much a part of your life. But you know you are doing the right thing and returning the love she has shown you in the kindest way.

woollybean Sat 17-Oct-15 23:30:26

bestiswest so sorry for your loss, was your dog very old?

TooOldForGlitter Sun 18-Oct-15 00:36:18

I'm so sorry OP. It's the worst and the best choice you get to make for them. You know when it's time but you don't want to know. As confused said, it's the last loving act you get to perform. To end the misery. We don't allow people that option but you can allow it for your girl. X

BestIsWest Sun 18-Oct-15 09:55:31

He was 10 Woollybean and had lymphoma. He was very ill and it was a very hard decision but the right one. I really feel for you.

BestIsWest Sun 18-Oct-15 09:56:23

Just to add we were all with him at the end, holding him and stroking him and it was very peaceful.

JoffreyBaratheon Sun 18-Oct-15 11:33:18

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. It is the hardest thing but the only right thing to do.

Said goodbye to our 14 year old bull terrier last year so empathy as well as sympathy - same as everyone here who's had to do it. We all understand. xxx

Wondererer Sun 18-Oct-15 11:39:06

So sorry. If I had one wish it would be for dogs to live longer and stay healthy.

We had our old boy who was 14 put to sleep a few months back now. It was awful. He was a trooper. Eye removed at around 6 years old then went blind due to glaucoma. He was still running round at 14 like a puppy. Then we found a lump in his mouth. Cancer. They removed it but said it was aggressive and would most likely grow back. It did and with avengeance. It was huge and smelly. He had a fit one day so I'm assuming it had got to his brain and he started to lose balance. We had him put to sleep the day after his fit.

It was absolutely heartbreaking. The vet barely put any of the solution in and he was gone. She looked up and sold he mist have been ready to go because she never seen a dog go from that little amount. I broke my heart for days and cried on and off for weeks. We do have other dogs so I think it made it a little easier. I couldn't imagine an empty house.

Hugs for you tomorrow op flowers

Wondererer Sun 18-Oct-15 11:40:12

Said he must have **

Raia Sun 18-Oct-15 23:53:49

I'm so sorry to hear this woollybean. We lost our boy at the end of July and it was a devastating loss. He was an only dog so he's left a huge void in our lives, but lots of wonderful memories too. It's an awful decision to have to make, but as other posters have already said, it's because you love her that you are making that decision. We love them and that makes the pain of losing them worth bearing. Thinking of you flowers

duckfilledfattypuss Mon 19-Oct-15 00:03:44

Thinking of you woollybean flowers

Raia Mon 19-Oct-15 16:25:40

Thinking of you too

Alterego1965 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:43:20

How are you doing op?

Orange1969 Tue 20-Oct-15 16:46:46

So very sorry flowers

woollybean Tue 20-Oct-15 21:13:00

Thank you so much everyone for your posts and sorry I havent answered but I'm sure you'll understand.
Well she has gone now and I am heartbroken. She was given a sedative before the actual final injection so she was very sleepy and not stressed at all. Although we have another dog the house seems empty without her and I feel redundant now I don't have to give her medication all the time, bring a drink to her, carry her outside or clear up her 'accidents'.
Time is a healer so they say but right now I feel like I have a dagger in my heart and can't imagine feeling any better although I know I will eventually.
Thank you again for your kind words x

iMatter Tue 20-Oct-15 21:18:27

I'm so sorry for your loss. We went through this 18 months ago. It knocked us all for six.

Sending you lots of hugs, support and sympathy. X

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