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What does your dog bring to your life?

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Snog Mon 12-Oct-15 06:31:42

Wondered if anyone could put into words how having a dog makes them feel to help me understand as someone who has never had one

exLtEveDallas Mon 12-Oct-15 06:38:22

The MuttDog brings me:
Warm feet.
Comfortable companionship.
A reason to exercise.
Unquestionable love.
Simple play times.
Protection of DD.
Household security.

She makes me feel safe, happy, loved and responsible. She cheers DD up if she is down (you can't be in a grump if a dog is pawing at you for a tummy rub) and teaches her responsibility and when to put someone else first.

belindarose Mon 12-Oct-15 06:39:24

Mud, farts, poo bags and shed hair.

Long walks, waggy tail, happy face, boundless energy, hilarious stick action, river swimming, seagul chasing, furry warmth.

MothershipG Mon 12-Oct-15 06:49:19

They get me out walking everyday - good for my health.
They have introduced me to some lovely people - good for my mental health.
They make me laugh everyday - as above.
They get my teenagers out in the holidays - good for their health and learning responsibility.
They keep my lap/bed warm - saving on heating bills.
Their obvious and unconditional pleasure in my company is very satisfying. grin

Dieu Mon 12-Oct-15 07:00:32

Piss and poo .... and lots of it.
Dirt and mess ... again, by the bucketload.
Expense ... ditto.
But he is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever set eyes on, and I include my human babies in that! wink
Sitting here while he snores like a grown man beside me. I could honestly just stick him in a sandwich, he is so ADORABLE.
Can you tell that his looks are his saving grace?! Love him.

BorisStoleMyWig Mon 12-Oct-15 07:12:12

As above. Hair. Mess. Drool. Empty packets filched from the kids rooms when they weren't empty. Ties and responsibility.

BUT I love him. He's just part of the family. He's my first dog and I underestimated just how important he would be to me because as a previous small animal owner I didn't realise how different owning a dog was. He's helped me through an awful awful break up, bereavements, stress, you name it he's been there for it.

He's six and the mere thought of losing him makes me wibble sad

Collared Mon 12-Oct-15 07:53:15

I love the feeling of companionship when she's trotting alongside me on our walks
Exercise, it doesn't feel like a bind walking her and I've found places I had no idea existed.
She sleeps in our bed and the little sigh of contentment she lets out when she nuzzles up to my back is everything.
We're all absolutely in love with her. I cannot imagine life without her.

ender Mon 12-Oct-15 11:35:03

Love the long walks in all weathers. I didn't at first but as I've become fitter, I really look forward to tramping through the woods and fields with them.
Also my dogs make me laugh every day, its impossible to feel grumpy around them. Yesterday I was hoovering all the dog hair and up and Dog2 was playing with the vacuum cleaner, leaping about and "talking" to it, made a boring job so much more fun.

Bubble2bubble Mon 12-Oct-15 12:18:31

A decent walk every day, non negotiable, which makes me much more aware of the weather and seasons which I think is good.
Dogs are always happy to hang out with me even when I don't feel like talking.
I have met loads if lovely people I would never have known if I didn't have dogs.
I get absolute joy from watching my dogs run, roll in leaves, swim in rivers, communicate with each other, sleep with their paws in the air, enjoy life...
I can talk about dogs endlessly
I can have furry cuddles whenever I want smile

Madblondedog Mon 12-Oct-15 12:26:47

A house isn't a home without a dog....

- He listens when I tell him about everything
- He always gives a cuddle when one is needed
- He can make you happy when you're sad
- Before him I didn't know anyone in the area, now I'm really sad we're moving (10 mins away but different dog walking location) as I will miss the people we see daily
- He gives unconditional love
- He shares my love of food
- He means I HAVE to go for a walk every day which is great exercise

villainousbroodmare Mon 12-Oct-15 12:42:19

Everything everyone else has said, plus, expensive as he may be, he does in a way save me money. I rarely now shop as a leisure activity as I'm conscious of him waiting in the car or at home.
Exploring the countryside, revelling in physical movement irrespective of weather... that loyal glance and joyous grin we share means so much to us both.
From guarding the property to enhancing our microbiome to making the baby laugh, he's a pleasure.

SweetLathyrus Mon 12-Oct-15 13:15:50

Sweetdog makes me smile hundreds of times a day.

tomatodizzy Mon 12-Oct-15 13:24:21

dead things,
long dead things,
things that should be dead,
broken things,
torn things,
empty things (that weren't empty when I got them)
smells that I didn't even know existed,
recently discovering parts of my neighbourhood that I didn't even know existed
and above all

roseandgrey Mon 12-Oct-15 17:39:31

All of the above.. but mostly unconditional love smile

honeyroar Mon 12-Oct-15 19:10:21

Nothing loves you like a dog. It's that simple. They're like therapy when you're down, you get a cute head on your lap gazing up at you, with the softest brown eyes and silky fur.

Then they fart!

AnotherDame Mon 12-Oct-15 21:01:37

Lots and lot of laughs. I don't know where I got my laughs from before him he's such a dope!

SurlyCue Mon 12-Oct-15 21:11:38

My dog is honestly like a third child to me. I know that sounds insane to those who arent dog people but its true. I love and care for him like i do my children, in a dog appropriate way.

What he brings to me?
Permanent companionship
Warmth grin
He has taught me a new language
I think i am better at dealing with my children because ive learned how to train/educate/live with a dog.
He also provides a fair bit of entertainment in our house.
He is also my reason to leave the house every day when i am feeling low and dont want to. I ALWAYS feel better after it. Without fail.
He also allows me access to a community of other dog owners/lovers.
He means our holidays/outings are different than they would be without a dog. We see some amazing views and countryside.

dalmatianmad Mon 12-Oct-15 21:12:34

Muddy paw prints all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor angry

SurlyCue Mon 12-Oct-15 21:15:06

He also brings me smelly cheese crumb pockets grin

LeChien Mon 12-Oct-15 21:17:05

Ddog1 - love, loyalty, the sense of being a brilliant dog owner because she is so well behaved and gentle.

Ddog2 - bounciness, chewed socks, vet bills, cuddles, especially over my shoulders, fun, knowledge that I'm not that good at being a dog owner because he's a strong willed nutter! He is very affectionate and loving though.

MuttonCadet Mon 12-Oct-15 21:22:48

Love, loyalty, a reason to get out of bed at 6am and go for a 2 mile walk.

They are totally dependant on you, and give you such love that it's impossible to be unhappy. I spent 6 years without a dog in rented houses and it was horrible. The first thing I did when I bought a house was go to the greyhound rescue and adopt a dog (and 6 months later went back for another).grin

Sossidge Mon 12-Oct-15 21:50:13

Old girl was my teenage secret keeper, mopper up of tears, warm cuddler, master comedian, a source of endless joy and pure love.

New girl makes me walk for an hour every day-the only exercise I do. She's doted on. No one will ever be as happy to see you as your dog, they're the best listeners and cuddlers, they're really really funny, full of personality and so gorgeous. No human has ever made me feel like bursting with love and pride, or fall on the floor because Im about to piss myself laughing, or be so deep in grief that it seems like nothing could ever be good again. My family's dogs are the heartbeat of the family

Snog Tue 13-Oct-15 09:07:02

Thank you so much for this so eloquently expressed inside track on living with a dog. I suspect having a dog would bring a new dimension to my life yet it feels like a step into the dark almost like when I had my baby 16 years ago!
I am nervous about how much of a huge commitment a dog is so will ponder on it some more smile

Lolimax Tue 13-Oct-15 09:13:43

I love all these. I have 2 mutts and I agree with every word. The love, the fun, the laughter, the farts, the mess, the cwtches, the joy that meets you when you come in. I can't imagine a home without them. They didn't want to get up this morning (both sleep on our bed). She was tucked up to my back and refused to open her eyes until I told her she could go into DS's room and he was upside down airing his little winky. Happiness is!

SheGotAllDaMoves Tue 13-Oct-15 09:14:14

Lots and lots of laughs because dogs are daft.

But yes, a very big commitment.

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