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Someone just called my dog skinny

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wishesandkisses Sun 11-Oct-15 17:52:47

Well screamed it at me. My neighbour brought this drunk girl to my house at 11.30 last night. She said my dog looked skinny (we've been to the vet, blood tests done, wormed) he's started to put on a bit of weight and vet says it could possibly have been worms but thinks it's the cold so we've bought him a big dog coat for when he goes out. There's nothing wrong with him. We've upped and changed his food and he's gradually putting it back on.

So anyway. This drunk girl was at our house. We were annoyed as we were having a rare romantic night in. She screamed in my friends face so I asked her to leave and she's screamed at me telling me to feed my dog and he needs to be sent to the rspca. I'm really hurt about this because our dog is loved and wants for nothing. As I said before he is fed 3 times a day and is putting weight on. I suffer from anxiety and now I'm wondering if all people think that when I walk him. Like I'm starving him or something.

I'm mad and frustrated. And im questioning weather I should confront her and justify why he is skinny or just let it be. I'm not one to rise to such stupid behaviour but I'm hurt to think people would think I would starve my dog sad

KiwiJude Sun 11-Oct-15 21:01:01

Sorry this happened to you. First off tell your neighbour to stop bringing drunk people to your house at 11.30 at night. Or any time really.

Don't worry about what she said. Our dog is skinny too, but he's in great health (ie saw vets recently for annual checkup, is very bright eyed and perky, prances around like a crazy thing - he's a 16 month old boxer, nuff said grin - and his coat is soft and shiny) so apart from feeding him a truckload of food every day we're not too worried. You know your dog is getting the care he needs; if you're worried about comments when you take him out and about you can keep his coat on.

stopfaffing Sun 11-Oct-15 21:06:56

Sounds awful, OP. Reminds me of when our dog got into dad's shed and wolfed down his bag of hops (dad made his own beer). Not surprisingly the dog became very ill later and was operated on by vet. During his recovery he lost weight and when I took him out for a walk one morning I was harangued by a stranger because of how he looked. I tried to explain but he wouldn't listen. You have nothing to fear about this woman calling the rspca; even if she did you can prove you're working with a vet. It's upsetting at the time though, isn't it?

OneDayWhenIGrowUp Sun 11-Oct-15 21:09:31

IME when people think dogs are skinny then they/their dogs are overweight grin

But seriously, why did you let your neighbour and their drunk friend in your house anyway?

Dieu Mon 12-Oct-15 00:32:51

It would never occur to me to comment on a stranger's dog! She sounds like a total weirdo, so I wouldn't waste any more time or thoughts on her.

wishesandkisses Mon 12-Oct-15 08:02:19

Thanks everybody. And it WON'T happen again believe me. We have had words!

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