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SPDC Rescue - does anyone know it?

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JohnCusacksWife Thu 08-Oct-15 17:41:41

We're still on the hunt for a new dog and I've come across a rescue called Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus. They have some lovely looking dogs, some in the UK in foster but most still in Cyprus. Has anyone any knowledge of them? Are they reputable? Has anyone adpoted a dog from abroad without meeting it beforehand? It sounds risky to me yet they seem to have a v active FB group of clued up people so it's obviously do-able. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Kimvaux4 Fri 21-Oct-16 09:06:38

I have fostered for SPDC and adopted one of their dogs also. They are fantastic, they know everything about each dog and always make sure that any dog is right for the family and that the home is right for the dog also. I've adopted 2 from Cyprus without meeting them first and they have the most amazing temperaments. I've never been sent a dog from SPDC that doesn't fit in well with my family. They always keep in contact and ready to offer advice if needed. I would highly recommend them.

Elleb64 Fri 21-Oct-16 09:11:07

Know this is an old post but yes we adopted 2 dogs. One was over here in the UK but the other one came straight to us through SPDC. They advise on the paperwork etc so it's no hassle and the dog we got Jasmine is fantastic. We have two grandchildren and as long as you provide a dog..any dog a place to get away from the children if they want some space you're fine. She is so adorable and cuddly no problem at all. Would highly recommend. You have to pass a home check, mainly to make sure that they won't be left all day and if you have a garden that it is secure.

Leisac Fri 21-Oct-16 09:15:57

I adopted from the SPDC. I had never met Bella before as she came direct from Cyprus. The lady who I spoke to on behalf of the SPDC listened to what I wanted from a dog and matched me with 3 suitable ones, it was then my choice. She was a little nervious of new things but I took a week off work and within that week she had totally settled in. I would recomend them to everyone, very supportive even now and Bella has been with us for 9 months.

Leighlocke82 Fri 21-Oct-16 09:19:59

I adopted from SPDC last year . We now have our lovely Rufus with us and he's amazing. These guys are great and it's such a great feeling knowing you are helping much needed dogs. Would happily adopt again if I could .

debbs77 Fri 21-Oct-16 14:27:51

Amazing rescue! I have an adopted dog from there and I also fostered a dog. Best rescue I have ever encountered x

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