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Should owning a dog come with an embarrassment warning?

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insanityscatching Fri 02-Oct-15 20:34:25

Our neighbour had some work done on her roof last week we ended up with two scaffolding poles on our side of the fence. Not a problem as they knocked and asked and shut the gate.
Eric has made a point of peeing on the poles every day even though he doesn't use the garden to toilet.
Today as I was about to put the washing out the scaffolder asked if I'd open the gate so that he could take down the poles. Eric had been out to check the garden but had gone inside after checking the neighbour wasn't near the fence. I opened the gate and out of the house he ran ready to defend the garden blush.
I had to ask the burly scaffolders to stand the other side of the gate whilst I picked up this tiny bundle of fluff warning them that he'd go for them if they set foot on the garden if I didn't pick him up. They actually laughed blush whilst Eric did his fierce act sat on the window sill watching them.

pigsDOfly Sun 04-Oct-15 00:06:36

It probably should.

Although she's a lady now - she's 4 years old - when she was a lot younger I'd often find myself asking her not to embarrass me when we were out for walks; I'm ashamed to say I do talk to my dog an awful lot.

Can't really remember now what it was she used to do, probably reacting in a crazy way to some perceived danger I expect, but can definitely remember being embarrassed by her on a regular basis.

iloveeverykindofcat Sun 04-Oct-15 06:34:21

Yes but then so should kids. Friend's 3yo to a portly older lady in public: 'HAVE YOU GOT A BABY IN THERE? DID YOU KNOW, THEY COME OUT YER HOLE'.

Dog's got nothing on that kid.

pklme Sun 04-Oct-15 07:23:32

Thing is, you get your own back on kids by embarrassing them when they are older. Dogs admire everything you do anyway.

Thattimeofyearagain Sun 04-Oct-15 10:54:14

Yes, they should. Mine is a 10 month old lab, so think large dog, puppy brain and burgeoning testosterone. Today's highlights already include jumping up at a pensioner, jumping on a Jack Russels head and taking a dump in front of a long bus queue. He's lovely really grin

LimeJellyHead Tue 06-Oct-15 16:44:12

Our Berkeley used to embarrass me all the time. The local vets at the time actually made us stand outside while we waited for our turn, everyone was so exasperated by his antics. I'll say this though, I'm never bored with Berkeley around, gawd love him grin

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