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Dogs behaviour after rehoming other dog

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JustBeingJuliet Thu 24-Sep-15 21:52:51

Ddog is 7.5 and was pretty well behaved before ddog 2 came along (walked nicely on the lead, greeted other dogs with manners, good recall etc). I have recently made the absolutely heart breaking decision to rehome ddog 2, as he was very challenging; hated dogs, kids, noises, traffic etc and was very aggressive. Since he has gone, I've realised how many bad habits my older girl has got into, as I've been more interested in controlling the hell hound and probably haven't paid as much attention to her as I should.

She's leaning a lot on the lead, which I can deal with, but she's also become very fixated on other dogs; as soon as she sees a strange dog, whether on or off lead, she completely focuses on it and stood to the floor in a typical collie stalking position. She has developed selective deafness and I have to clap my hands and really shout to get her attention; I can always get her back to me, but it's bloody hard work and she's never 100% listening to me when other dogs are around.

She's not ball/toy/food motivated in the slightest so it's really hard to distract her. She's not generally aggressive, but she's always had issues with body language, and tends to rush at dogs head on given the chance, which has led to her being attacked in the past, so I need to nip this in the bud now.

When there's no dogs around, she listens to me completely.

Any tips?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Fri 25-Sep-15 16:02:15

She's probably feeling really unsettled with all the changes

What does she like doing best? Can you give her some special walks in her favourite places to help relax her a bit? With my dog it's swimming so if I want to give him a real treat I take him to the river and let him splash around to his heart's content

Could you also get a session with a good trainer to help you work on some of her more challenging behaviour?

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