Kennel registered/Kennel Club registered. What's the difference ?

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MummyIsMagic79 Wed 23-Sep-15 01:30:25

Just that really. Our new pup is Kennel Reg'd. Is that ok? Researched a lot. Read lots of frightening things about all dogs having to be 100% KC or it means they are from puppy farms. Is that true? Our breeder great an experienced. Pup vaccinated, chipped, wormed, flea and tic treated.

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Adarajames Wed 23-Sep-15 02:04:01

Well as the kennel club still register puppies from puppy farms, you've got the wrong info for a start

Dieu Wed 23-Sep-15 02:15:27

I'm sure many experienced hobby breeders do a good job without necessarily registering the pups with the KC. As for the question in the title, I have no idea what the difference is, if indeed there is one. You're worrying too much tonight OP - try and get some sleep!

Dinglethdragon Wed 23-Sep-15 02:19:15

Kc registration should indicate the pup is a pedigree. This tells you nothing about its health or temperament. It doesn't guarantee that it's a pedigree as breeders can lie about parentage - it's a registration system that relies on the honesty of the people filling in the forms.

I've never heard of "kennel registered" - unless it's something like a working terrier and the kennel is registered with a breed association that is not affiliated to the KC?

Did you see the puppy with its mother?
Did the breeder have dogs of lots of breeds? (A red flag for puppy farm)
what breed is it? If it's a cross breed like a labradoodle then it can't be kennel club registered as they only deal with pure breeds.
What health problems does this breed have and has the breeder screened for them? Hips? Eyes? Heart?

MummyIsMagic79 Wed 23-Sep-15 06:07:24

We saw her and her brother with their mum. The family were very informative and we've had to call them back twice and they've been great. Helped us with our enquiry and even called us back with extra information that we hadn't asked for. I googled their number and their information. I could find two previous adverts for selling Labradors. No other dogs of different breeds were there. Just the labs. Thanks so much for answering.

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tabulahrasa Wed 23-Sep-15 07:07:57

I have no idea what kennel registered as opposed to kennel club registered means as I've never heard of it.

If they're pedigrees though, they should be kennel club registered because there's no reason not to that's a good one. It also allows you to check their health tests, their hip and elbow scores and the results of the PRA DNA test.

Dinglethdragon Wed 23-Sep-15 07:43:04

Ah labs - so what were the parents hip scores?

This is the link to the DNA screening for hereditary diseases whch can(should?) be done before breeding from a lab.

At the very least you should have the results of testing of both parents hips, elbows and eyes. I've had retriever breeds for 30 yrs (goldens and flatcoats, not labs) and would never get a puppy from anyone who didn't do those basic tests to be honest - especially if I paid a "pedigree price" for it. I had rescue dogs where I didn't have that information, but I knew what I as getting :-)

Good luck with the puppy - but it does sound a bit like you've started to do the research after the fact ?


toboldlygo Wed 23-Sep-15 14:01:49 - If it's anything to do with these then it's a bogus registration organisation, they will provide a registration certificate with any information on it, can be completely falsified.

When people breed pedigree puppies but don't register them with the KC it's often because they can't - one or both parents aren't registered, the bitch is too old or has had too many litters or c-sections, one or both parents has an endorsement on their pedigree leaving their progeny ineligible for registration etc.

One of the other functions of KC registration is to record health test results - as above I'd expect hips, elbows and eyes for a lab - if the breeders aren't falling over themselves to show you these then they almost certainly haven't been done.

Sophia1991 Sat 25-Apr-20 17:32:19

Hiya, did you find the solution to your question by any chance? I have just bought a kennel registered dog too!

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