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Is there such a thing as an inescapable harness?

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orlakielyimnot Sun 06-Sep-15 14:29:11

Please tell me there is!

If you have a harness that you think is a great fit and inescapable PLEASE tell me where you got it from!

Hackersschmakers Sun 06-Sep-15 14:32:34

We have The EZ-dog from Amazon - never escaped from it.

TrionicLettuce Sun 06-Sep-15 14:38:49

The Houdini Ultra harness from Indi-Dog.

All made to measure and the third strap makes it absolutely impossible to get out of. I've got a proper little escape artist who is completely defeated by that harness. Also great for sighthounds who can sometimes slip out of normal harnesses quite easily because of the depth of their chests.

There's also the Ruffwear Webmaster which a lot of people really rate but it's pretty expensive and only comes in fairly limited sizes. I'm also not keen on the amount of coverage over the back either.

orlakielyimnot Sun 06-Sep-15 14:56:03

thanks I'll look these up now!

GrizzlebertGrumbledink Sun 06-Sep-15 15:01:20

We have a ruff wear one, not sure what kind, our Newfie used to escape hers all the time when rolling around playing bit it hasn't happened since she finally broke it and we bought a ruff wear one. I think the petexpertise site reviews were helpful when I was choosing which one to buy

Floralnomad Sun 06-Sep-15 15:41:22

My dog has escaped from lots of harnesses , we now have a doxlock and he has never managed to get out of it yet it's a very simple harness to fit .

Bubble2bubble Sun 06-Sep-15 17:27:07

Perfect Fit Harnesses have always worked here, even with super wriggly skinny pups. You have to get your tape measure out, and it might take a couple of tries to get it exactiy right, but definitely worth the effort.

orlakielyimnot Sun 06-Sep-15 21:13:28

Thanks everyone! I've ordered 2 new ones and am hopeful!

standclear Mon 07-Sep-15 07:23:52

See I am a bit late but definitely,definitely second the "perfect fit" harness

Someone recommended it to me on here, was it you Bubble2Bullble? If so, I am eternally grateful!!

here and more info here

Every single element can be bought in a huge range of individual sizes to fit your individual dog.

I have a dashund and couldn't find a harness that fitted the challenging combination of barrel chest, small neck, short legs, slim waste and (most importantly) narrow shoulders but after a bit of trial and error, we have found the perfect size!!

Customer service fabulously helpful too (and no, I am not connected to the shop in any way, just a v happy customer!)

My dog kept slipping his collar and is a dreadful puller (adopted and had no training as a pup) and this has harness has made both of us feel so much happier out on walks!!

standclear Mon 07-Sep-15 07:24:28

Sorry, Bubble2bubble!

Bubble2bubble Mon 07-Sep-15 16:11:26

It may have been standclear smile for hard to fit dogs they are absolutely the way to go. I recently got one for a super skinny mega wriggly setter pup who had already wormed out of two cheap harnesses and it was amazing though didn't stop her later pulling it off the pag in the hall and chewing all the fastenings

standclear Mon 07-Sep-15 21:17:38

Agree they are a totally fab invention! And very well made! Particularly good for dogs with slim shoulders (although they fit all sizes).

Sounds as though you have your hands full there Bubble2bubble!! Hope the training is going well!

orlakielyimnot Tue 08-Sep-15 19:31:28

I bought the ruffwear one, it arrived today and i love it. Easy to fit and looked like a better fit for their body shape. One girl is burly shouldered and the other is barrel shaped. This harness seems to sit securely. I'm not sure if they can back out. I got the "cheap" ??30 ones. At ??60 you get an extra strap on the thinner abdomen but to be honest I worried about a snug fitting strap over their bellies. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on this!

TrionicLettuce Tue 08-Sep-15 19:42:00

The third strap is what makes the harness inescapable, it doesn't have to be done up really tight to be effective.

I presume you got the Front Range harness? I've never tried it (it's fairly new) but I wouldn't trust my escape artist in anything without a third strap.

orlakielyimnot Tue 08-Sep-15 20:48:46

Thanks trionic. Yes it is the front range one! The way it's made, with the fabric across the chest and back with a close fit, means there would have to be some real wriggling to get this off. To put it in terms I understand, I feel I've moved them from a strapless bra to a sports bra, if you see what I mean?

My girl doesn't actually try to get out of them. She just kind of freaks out from time to time and does some weird unexpected twisty leaps when she fees trapped under a bush or something. It's those moments when she's escaped previous harnesses, which were just straps. I think the fit of this would give me time to get her attention! Hopefully, only been on one walk with it so far.

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