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Who is your insurance with please?

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SilverShadows Wed 26-Aug-15 20:40:54

Just had our renewal through from Direct Line, increase from £55 per month to £80 per month for 2 purebreeds, aged 8 and 3.

I'll need to check policy docs but am sure we went for the lifelong conditions. Only claims last year were for cut paw needing stitches, twice.

This seems a lot to me, but wondered what others with similar dogs pay?

Any recommendations? Also if I change providers what do I need to be wary of? I seem to remember there are exclusions on new policies?

ender Thu 27-Aug-15 11:37:49

That does seem a lot, although I know the premiums go up as dogs get older.
I've got a lab 4yrs and rescue mongrel 2yrs, pay £49 a month with Petplan (Covered for Life policy). Claimed once last yr, £350 for op to infected paw, the payments went up by £5 at the next renewal date.
If you change insurers they usually exclude existing conditions.
When I first changed to Petplan lab had been treated for a skin problem and I was told he wouldn't be covered for skin conditions until he'd gone for a year without a problem which he did so all fine.

Buttercup27 Thu 27-Aug-15 11:40:28

I was about to recommend direct line. They were great when we had to claim twice on a month for our dog with over £2000 worth of surgery. They even had a good get out clause if they didn't want to pay, as we had forgotten to update our address with them but when we claimed they changed our address and took over dealing with the vets .

Excitedforxmas Thu 27-Aug-15 11:41:35

John Lewis

tabulahrasa Thu 27-Aug-15 12:17:29

Purely pets...because as a puppy they came in £10 cheaper than petplan for similar cover at £45 a month.

They pay quickly and with no problems, but unlike petplan they raise premiums based on claims.

So now at the age of 3 it costs £117 a month.

kate7590 Thu 27-Aug-15 13:35:20

My 3 are with Petplan and always been really pleased. Have claimed nearly £7000 this year with our oldest boy because of an auto immune disease and they've always paid the vets direct, which is great as some companies don't.

Dieu Thu 27-Aug-15 13:43:51

John Lewis (Premium). Rated higher than Petplan in 'Which'. I pay £36 per month for my moggie cat and Shih Tzu pup (all in). That's for full, lifelong cover.

SilverShadows Thu 27-Aug-15 19:00:29

That's useful, thanks. I'll look at John Lewis and PetPlan.
Direct Line have been good on payouts, but the price is getting a bit high!

twojues Thu 27-Aug-15 19:51:15

I was with direct line insurance for an 11 year cat and 4 year old dog. When it was up for renewal it went up a lot.

I've now insured both of them with paws and claws for less than the amount direct line were going to charge me for the 4 year old dog.

cathpip Thu 27-Aug-15 19:56:01

I'm with marks and spencer, despite two claims two years in a row totaling £1500 my premiums have not gone up and they were dealt with very quickly.

cariadisnaehappy Thu 27-Aug-15 19:56:31

I have two cars and two dogs (one purebred) with More Than for £58 a month - tbf it went up after we claimed for one dog last year. But they've been excellent.

Dieu Thu 27-Aug-15 20:04:14

JL also have a special 24 hr vetinary helpline that you can call in an emergency, as often as you like, included in the price. Kind of like an NHS Direct for dogs, I guess! Haven't had to use it yet, but as a first time puppy/dog owner, I find the thought quite reassuring.
One downside is that their premiums are known to increase quite significantly, whereas I think Petplan are more static. I will cross that bridge if and when it happens though.

Kleptronic Thu 27-Aug-15 20:07:21

I've a mini dachshund (2) a collie (5) and a moggy (9) with MoreThan for £50 a month, all-in singing and dancing cover.

Focusfocus Sat 29-Aug-15 21:34:28

Petplan. Pay vets directly. Didn't have to make a single follow up call. Not one.

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