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Advice on Headcollar or Harness please.

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mirren3 Sat 22-Aug-15 16:04:02

Our Labrador is great off lead and has good recall, however he occasionally will pull quite hard on the lead if another dog is approaching. I was advised to try a Headcollar or Harness, having looked I'm confused by the range, can anyone recommend one they use? Thanks

AlfAlf Sat 22-Aug-15 16:37:23

We have this one for our collie.
It doesn't cause her discomfort ( as opposed to the Halti). I don't leave it on when she runs around, I just use it with the lead.

tabulahrasa Sat 22-Aug-15 17:22:36

Harnesses are pretty much plug and play, headcollars take about a week or so of training to get them happy to wear them and some dogs intensely dislike them.

Harnesses that have a front clip for the lead are best for pullers.

Headcollars - dogmatic and the kumfi dogalter are the two I know of that usually fit comfortably and don't work by tightening, they just sit on their head like horses headcollars.

I find harnesses are better for just general pulling a bit hard and headcollars are better for full on lunging at things type pulling...or if you need to have head control if they're dog aggressive.

mirren3 Sat 22-Aug-15 20:15:40

Thanks, was thinking about the harness more than the headcollar. I've got a better idea now.

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