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Dog not herself

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Chocolatesandchips Mon 17-Aug-15 14:53:37

hello, I have a shih tzu, she may be a bit of terrier too. I rescued her four months ago after four years of mistreatment. I love her dearly and she seed very attached to me. I went on holiday for ten days to Spain with my family. I couldn't put her into kennels as she hasn't been socialised at all. So I paid a lot of money for her to go to a pet sitter. The lady was lovely. She stayed with her all day, hardly left her side. Sadly she shut her in her kitchen at night and my little dog scratched at the shut door as she bear to be alone. So I got her back yesterday. My dog is really sad now, very down and not at all herself. Is this normal? Is she cross with me for leaving? Or doesn't she like being owned by me? Sorry if these things seem naive - I've had cats all my life but never a rescue dog. I'm really worried about her sad

BrumpyGollocks Mon 17-Aug-15 15:05:32

In my experience some dogs do sulk after being left for an extended period of time.

You either get a dog who will be besides themselves with excitement to see you return or one who will ignore you for daring to leave them.

From what you've said I would say from her start In life she must've been very happy to find a loving home with you so was probably confused at being left when you went on holiday.

Keep an eye on her but I'm sure with Lots of tlc I'm sure she will come around soon.

LokiBuddyBoo1 Tue 18-Aug-15 06:06:02

Sounds like she's sulking, like previous poster said they either give you the dog equivalent of the silent treatment for leaving them or the pee them self's with excitement that your back.
She will come around in a few days or so once she knows your not going anywhere.
My ddog was the opposite I had to leave him for nearly three weeks due to being in hospital and when I got out he was so excited he pee'd himself and would not let me out of his sight for weeks after, he's still my shadow.
So try not to worry she'll come around she just missed you and didnt know where you were and when or if you'd be back.

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