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Dog sick after beach walk

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Millionairerow Sun 16-Aug-15 09:51:40

Took dogs on lovely beach walk yesterday, only on beach about 20 mins. Lots of seaweed etc but didn't see them eat anything untoward. Gave dogs smacko and the about 30 mins later, one is v I'll. We are away but dog still unwell 24 hours later. He took a small bit of chicken but 10 mins later, wouldn't take another. He's not eating. Is drinking water somerimes. Any ideas? Beach related or one of those things?

Asleeponasunbeam Sun 16-Aug-15 09:57:28

Mine always has diarrhoea after the beach. I think it's because he swims with his mouth open. Keep an eye on him, but it'll probably pass soon.

Millionairerow Sun 16-Aug-15 13:37:58

Thx for reply, the sea was miles away so he wasn't swimming. I think this is pre beach. He's really looking rubbish. Still taking some water but seems to be getting weak. He had an obstruction in his bowel a couple of years ago. Worryingly similar symptoms. He's eating grass and throwing it up. ��

WienerDiva Sun 16-Aug-15 13:43:11

Your poor ddog. I'll think of he seems to be getting worse I'd advise taking him to a vet. If he's had an obstruction before he may not have learnt his lesson and re-offended. Best to get that kind of thing checked out sooner rather than later. Hope all is ok in the end.

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