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Anyone with a cockapoo got a second dog?

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googlenut Sat 15-Aug-15 21:45:45

We have a year old cockapoo. He lives for attention and craves company and loves being with other dogs. We have someone at home most days and the cockapoo is never alone for long periods of time. But we have seen a rescue cavalier King Charles and I've always felt our dog would
Love some company. Opinions?

DownWithTheTrumpets Sun 16-Aug-15 01:38:15

I have a good friend who has always had rescue KCS's. I have to say that IME they are just lovely dogs. I'd not hesitate to add this little rescue if I was you. I'd just say don't be fooled by their 'companion dog' status and be aware they still need a good bit of exercise to be happy and chilled at home. My friend walks hers for twenty minutes to half an hour in the morning and then an hour in the evening and he's happy with that.

basildonbond Sun 16-Aug-15 07:50:53

Make sure you have good insurance as KCS are prone to some pretty awful medical problems

Is the rescue a boy or girl? In general there's less chance of friction with a girl/boy pairing than with boy/boy or girl/girl

Keep up your training as they're likely to learn from each other and you don't want either to pick up bad habits!

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