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"Best dog" is getting old and now limps advise please.

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happygardening Sat 15-Aug-15 05:28:12

"Best dog" is 10, average life expectancy for the breed is 10-12, his weight is spot on bordering on the under weight, his heart teeth lungs etc are perfect, he is full of enthusiasm, he would like you to think his hearing is not all it's used to be but he can still hear the foil being removed from the Parmesan cheese when he's fast asleep in the garden! Apart from the increasing number of grey hairs (we all know that problem) he looks fantastic, the vet was very impressed at his annual check up 6 months ago, he's never had a days illness. He's always up for a walk but in the last few months I've increasingly noticed he limps on his near side front leg after a walk. Initially it only occurred the next day after he'd had a long walk; 2 hours + off the lead jumping through long grass, his confirmation means he's not a natural athlete but now it occurs after a short walk (1 hour) and within an hour of returning for a walk. The other day for 24 hours after a longish walk, where he was running around in the maize which for some unknown reason he just loves doing I thought he wasn't himself, nothing I can put my finger on, not limping but maybe moving around more carefully, he was a bit quiet, my DS noticed it too, but then he was back to normal. He's walked daily. He has never slept in a dog bed regardless of type (I've tried a few over the years) or where I put it, his choice (for about half an hour) is our beautiful sofa but he's not allowed on there, he doesn't like the old tatty one, or he loves our small victorian arm chair which he sits sort of bolt upright on but he falls off in his sleep, so he mainly sleeps on our wooden kitchen floor, the bathroom floor or the patio when the weather is good, if I move his bed to any if these places he sighs but with my encouragement gets in it for about 5 mins and then when my backs turned get out and he sleeps next to it. He has quite thick fur.
Am I over walking him? I have another dog who's only three and loves to walk, he would be and in fact has been in the past mortified if I left him at home after all I might be taking the Parmesan cheese with me! Friends got their vet to prescribe Metacam for their dog with similar problems.
Any thoughts welcome.

UserManualRequired Sat 15-Aug-15 06:26:47

Arthritis is the most likely cause if he's only lame after exercise. Metacam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and is very effective for arthritis. It can be used safely in a healthy animal although your dog will need 6 monthly health checks and maybe a blood test to check his liver function whilst on it. I would advise you call your vet for advice.

mollie123 Sat 15-Aug-15 09:04:17

have noticed this too with my 11 year old dog - if he has to stand for any length of time - more than 10 mins - he needs to lie down (seems to have a weakness in his back legs)
you don't say what breed he is - which may be relevant if they are known for arthritic limbs.
metacam is recommended for this - do give it a try
it sounds as if he is over-exercising with the 'bounding' - I have found my lurcher tends to huff and puff a bit if he forgets his age and hurtles off down the field - but then he loves his comfy bed and is slow to get off it.

BestIsWest Sat 15-Aug-15 09:11:05

My 10 year old limps after a long walk. It is his left hind leg with him. Vet says it is an arthritic spur and prescribed me metacam but it makes him sick.

We've been keeping him on the lead for longer walks and letting him off now and again so gat he doesn't run around so much.

happygardening Sat 15-Aug-15 09:22:35

Thank you both. I shall take him to the vet.
I'm reluctant to state the breed as they're rather rare and I might completely out myself. The breed is not know for arthritic limbs but is known for back problems; sudden onset paralysis (I lost one to this) hence my obsesson with his weight and fitness levels not that it made any difference last time. When he was quiet the other day that's what I was concerned about, because of this he's not allowed to do stairs or jump in and out of the car or similar another reason why he's not allowed on the sofa.
He did puff a bit more in the heat and lay down when we were walking after running around for an hour the other day but yesterday (raining) when doing the same walk he was fine. He does walk with my other dog and regularly with a friends very boisterous young lurcher who encourages him to keep running (he likes to be in front).

bilbodog Sat 15-Aug-15 11:46:03

my dog has arthritis in front and back legs now and is on various medications for this and a heart murmur. He seems fine. Occasionally he over does something and ends up limping again but most of the time he is fine. I think the walking possibly needs to be cut down a bit as they get older. Would be best to ask vet for advice though.

achillesratty Sat 15-Aug-15 19:01:34

I have German Shepherd x Collie sisters who are nearly 15 and because of the breed suffer and age suffer from stiffness and general "old dog" issues. My vet suggested Metacam but I was worried of the side effects and tried Green Lipped Mussel supplement (Holland and Barret 500 mg, I buy it when it's in the BOGOF offer) and the results have been great, so much so the vet agrees that medication is unnecessary for now. It may be worth trying that for "best dog", my oldsters still go for a walk every day and were eyeing up crows when we were out this morning, so there is definitely life in the old dogs yet !

LokiBuddyBoo1 Sun 16-Aug-15 04:38:03

Go see you vet but before you try metacam you could try some glucosamine and cohondrition tablets my previous ddog who lived until the age of 16 had problems with his back legs from the age of 8. Vet recommend the glucosamine and cohondrition I used to buy it from Tescos or Holland and Barrett.
He had one tablet a day it worked great for him as if I ran out and he missed a few days he would start to show signs again but he only ever needed steroid medication twice in 8 years. Would recommend glucosamine and cohondrition for arthritis or stiff joints due to old age.

WILKO9 Sun 16-Aug-15 13:12:30

Hi I cannot praise the power of Turmeric enough, the 'golden paste' can literally work miracles !! It's definitely worth checking out before heading down the medication route

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