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A reaction to the new baby?

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Treesandbees Fri 14-Aug-15 13:19:03

Hi everyone, I've just had my second child whose 8 days old. I also have a 2yo DS and a 4yo Labrador. Our friends kindly looked after our lab for a week whilst I was in hospital and the first few days home. Since he's been back he's been vomiting every time he drinks water. He's always drank a lot a couple of times a day rather than graze on water but not with the vomiting. Is it a reaction to the baby? His routine is out of synch as he's not getting walked at his usual times (but still getting a walk). I'm finding I'm coping ok with the kids but this constant vomiting and subsequent moping is tipping me over the edge. He seems to do it when I'm out the room then is very sheepish. He's not displaying any other signs of illness.

daisydotandgertie Fri 14-Aug-15 13:45:34


He won't be vomiting on purpose, nor will it be a reaction the the baby. That's just not how dogs work. Poor dog.

Have you taken him to the vet? That's what I'd be doing. I'd not think he was moping after vomiting; I'd be concerned he felt rotten. And dehydrated if it's after EVERY drink. Could he have a blockage do you think?

Booboostwo Fri 14-Aug-15 13:49:23

Why would you think it has anything to do with the baby? The dog sounds sick and needs to be seen by a vet. Have you checked for dehydration? Has the dog eaten anything? I appreciate you have a newborn but the dog's problems may be an emergency. Can you get someone to help you and take the dog to the vet? Or talk to the vets, many do home visits.

Treesandbees Fri 14-Aug-15 14:42:25

Thanks for the replies. Sleep deprivation and a toddler are making it hard to see clearly!! I've made a vets appointment for later today.

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