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Dogs and holidays. How do you cope?

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Gymbob Thu 13-Aug-15 21:50:49

We got him and stopped going abroad cos he couldn't come, and bought a tent so he could.

Have a fab home boarder but I just don't want to leave him I love him so much.

can anyone talk some sense into me or are you all as bad as me? the family want a beach holiday sad

cariad34 Thu 13-Aug-15 21:58:47

I can't leave my dog, so he comes too. Getting a pet passport isn't too much hassle, we've just come back from a three week road trip through mainland Europe & the dog (& everyone else) loved it!

Jenda Thu 13-Aug-15 22:00:12

If you have a fab home boarder then go! he will be thoroughly spoilt and imagine the cuddles when you get home!

juicynectarines Thu 13-Aug-15 22:02:37

Know exactly how you feel!!! I get a bit of the guilts every day when we leave to go to work. Would stay home all day with the dog if possible!

insanityscatching Thu 13-Aug-15 22:05:56

We take Eric with us but we holiday in the UK. We rent a cottage by the sea, we find dog friendly places to eat at and dog friendly places to visit and he tags along with us. Not sure who'd pine the most us or Eric if we left him behind tbh.

Gymbob Thu 13-Aug-15 23:33:53

our lives revolve around our boy. he dictates all we do. if its not a dog friendly shop we -get thrown out- don't go in it. only go in dog friendly pubs or restaurants, only go where he can come. only left alone for 2 hours a day an hour at a time on school days and that's bad enough!

we have a passport for him but haven't used it, got it just in case. looked into the possibility of flying him out to a resort to be with us. stupid idea for 2 weeks. have done the sea side cottages, caravans, etc.

I just miss him terribly when he's not with me. pathetic.

dillite Fri 14-Aug-15 14:39:00

My heart must be made of stone because I just drop mine off and do not think of her whilst I'm gone. I can't imagine giving up going abroad for a dog. Although I have only been away for a week at a time. I might miss her if it was longer, but then I would probably think of bringing her with me.

imonaplane Fri 14-Aug-15 20:24:14

My life revolves around our 3 dogs. It is hard to leave them but if, like us, you have a home boarder that you trust, then go and enjoy yourself! I do miss mine when we are away though.

SistersofPercy Fri 14-Aug-15 23:43:30

I left Murphy once and he was so sad when we got back i swore never again. He came with us this time and I was surprised at how many pubs, shops and even the local Ice cream parlour were happy to accept dogs.
We were him out with beaches,coastal paths and castles grin

Sadly next year we do have to leave him for four nights. I'm currently looking at a dog hotel that has a play area with toys and ball pits where dog friendly dogs can go in the day and have fun. It looks lovely and a world away from his last experience. I shall still worry myself silly though.

verystressedmum Sat 15-Aug-15 00:41:34

I'm leaving my 2 tomorrow for the first time as we're going abroad for a week, it's a great great place and they'll be well looked after and I was ok with it all at first, but now I feel sick at the thought of them being there and not knowing where the hell I am or if I'll ever come back. I don't know how I'll cope and I don't want to go.

Toughasoldboots Sat 15-Aug-15 00:50:46

Ours comes everywhere with us, I must admit that I am getting a bit bored of UK holidays but she has loved it. We hire a boat and she sits on it with the excitement of a toddler.
Most nice seaside places are pretty dog friendly.

We take her to Le Touquet quite often too, dogs allowed in restaurants, lots of hotels, it's easy.
She is nine now and I can't bear to go without her as every year I think it might be her last.

BloodyDogHairs Sat 15-Aug-15 14:27:09

I love waving my 2 GSD's off for a fortnight. As much as I love them I love having a break from the barking, dog mess, hair etc. I don't even check on them when I go away, I figure if there is something wrong the kennel owner would get in touch with me.

CiderwithBuda Sat 15-Aug-15 14:34:43

I love having a break from mine too. They go to a fab kennels though. They love it.

Wotsitsareafterme Sat 15-Aug-15 18:04:39

I have have a static caravan at the seaside so wotsitpup just comes too. We will go abroad and leave him though he has been offered a holiday of his own with a dear friend of mine who and her kids adore him. I won't feel any guilt at all he loves it there with his friends and gets excited when we pull up in the car. Would similar be an option?

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