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puppy refusing breakfast

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miserablemoo Wed 12-Aug-15 10:43:26


Puppy was on Purina beta puppy dry food. When I realised this wasn't a good food I slowly moved him to arden Grange. He seemed fine with the switch but yesterday he seemed a bit reluctant to eat it and this morning he refused. He likes his food but on walks he is eating anything and everything which I do my best to stop but I'm wondering if he has a bit of tummy ache. He seems ok in himself.

Should I change foods? I have been adding water to it to soften it. We are on holiday with the dog next week so will have to change foods ASAP due to him being reluctant to toilet anywhere apart from our garden. I'm worried about having a dog needing more toilet breaks but won't go as he's not used to the area! Should I just keep going with the same food in hope he comes round?

I have never had a dog that refused a meal before! Should I add wet food but I thought wet food was bad for them?

His poo and wind had improved loads on the new food so I'm reluctant to change it.

Could it be his teeth? He is 15 weeks old.

I don't know what to do! Worried I will change his food and then he will dislike the new one. I'm cutting back on treats today just incase it's to do with that but he had his tea at 6pm and I offered breakfast at 7.30 so he should be hungry? He normally barks and gets excited but that stopped as well. He just sits there.

Any input much appreciated thank you!

Flissity83 Wed 12-Aug-15 10:46:54

Just dont make a big deal about it, dont give him treats/tit bits etc and he will eventually get hungry and eat.

My dog only eats once a day. We feed her twice but she's usually not fussed in the morning.

daisydotandgertie Wed 12-Aug-15 14:14:41

Most importantly, a puppy needs more than one meal a day, so wait until they're bigger until you cut down to that.

Try cutting down the food quantity at each meal - the better quality food will mean that he is processing it more efficiently and is therefore likely to need less of it in volume. What breed is he, how much does he weigh and how much are you feeding?

Also although I don't know the breed yet, it is likely he's starting to lose his teeth so splash on a good bit of boiling water and leave it to to soak until it's soft. The boiling water makes it smell good and softens it faster.

I'm really not one for changing dogs food nor for believing they can be fussy. Don't change food again so quickly, it will likely compound the problem.

Is he really OK in himself? Drinking normally? Poo normal? Not subdued in any other way?

Afraid I didn't understand the para about the holiday and food!

miserablemoo Thu 13-Aug-15 18:16:06


He is only 15 weeks old so still needs 3 meals a day. He is still refusing or eating tiny amounts. He has gone from wolfing it down to walking away from his bowl when he smells it. I'm actually worried he is not getting enough food. I am soaking it so it's quite mushy in case his teeth are sore. He seems fine apart from the eating. He is drinking and into mischief as normal.

I have cut back on treats and it's made no difference.

Sorry I meant we go away next week. He is still very reluctant to poo anywhere apart from our garden. When I changed his food last time he was pooing all the time and runny. I'm worried to change his food so close to us going away as he will need to poo more but won't want to go as he won't be able to do it in our garden. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your help smile

daisydotandgertie Fri 14-Aug-15 08:11:23

What breed is he?

When was he last wormed?

I see the bit about a dodgy tum last week - that is quite an extreme reaction to a change of food. I change food for mine in one hit, and have never had an upset tummy as a result.

Three days is a long time for a young pup to be not eating, so I would scramble an egg for him - don't add anything to the egg at all, just scramble it and see what he makes of it and let me know.

If he ignores it, then he needs to see the vet for a check over.

miserablemoo Fri 14-Aug-15 09:07:48

Sorry you did ask what breed he is in your last post. He us a ckcs. He seems to be on the larger scale of the breed. Two vets have noted he is quite big and his paws are big as well. I can't remember what he weighed at his 11 week check.

Also he has started eating everything on walks. I thought it was normal puppy behaviour but could it be because he is hungry? It's hard to walk him due to his nose being constantly to the ground eating stuff.

He is due to be wormed on the 18th Aug. He was last wormed on the 18th July.

I will do the egg at dinner as I need to take him out and do the food shop.

I thought it was normal for him to get a dodgy tum when changing food. Even now if he eats anything he has not had before he gets a runny poo. He has not had many different foods (especially human food) due to this.

Thank you. Will let you know about the egg later.

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