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Foster carer / long term boarding

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Salouport Tue 11-Aug-15 20:11:40

I am in a real dilemma with my two gorgeous boys confused.
We are having a massive extension being built, which will ultimately mean they have a better environment in which to live. The extension has been thought out carefully with the fact we have our dogs, and there will be a big utility room for them to come in and dry of fun after their walks!
However, we are in the process of having it built now, and my life is a living nightmare. The foundations are dug, and the garden is a mud bath. I work from home as a childminder part time, and the dogs are not kept in the house when children are here. They are German shepherds, and as soft as anything, but they could easily knock a toddler over. Before the extension was started, they had their own large room to stay in whilst I was working, and I made frequent trips in there to check on them. However, that room has been knocked down as part of the extension, so they have a fenced off area of garden, with adequate shelter. They come indoors as soon as I finish working. It just isn't going well. They are bringing in half the garden with them, and the rest of the house is open plan, so it is going everywhere. They previously loved the garden, but they don't seem happy.
We are looking at various options, and one possibility is somebody fostering the boys until the bulk of the work is done. Approx 12 weeks. I hate the thought of this, and under no circumstance would I put them in boarding kennels. Ideally, I would love somebody to foster them for the period of the build - obviously for a fee. I've looked online to see if there are any companies which provide this service, and I'm not sure there are. Would anybody have any suggestions?

Lokibuddyboo Thu 13-Aug-15 03:19:55

Can't you pay a family member to take them or someone they already know.
That way they will be less stressed about being away from you for so long.

imabusybee Thu 13-Aug-15 03:56:31

Is there not a room in the house you can use for them? Even a bedroom you can dog proof during the day? I'm a dog walker and currently walking a dog who's being looked after by a friend of the owner for around the same amount of time that you're talking about & the poor thing is very sad & stressed - not enjoying their walks and just not happy in general. I think being away from their people is very stressful for dogs especially if they're used to seeing you so often in the day. If you can't work around it and find a space for them what about doggy daycare?

Salouport Thu 13-Aug-15 22:18:17

I work from home as a childminder. The house is fairly open-plan so it is very hard / impossible to separate the children from the dogs. A bedroom might work, but they are used for napping children during the day. When everything is done, they will have their own area for my working hours. I only work 4 days a week, so I could pick them up on a Thursday night and drop them back on a Sunday night, as they could be in the house then. No family members are willing to take two large dogs, and we don't live near enough for even just a family member to have them once a week. I don't want to foster them out, I would miss them terribly. Today, with the awful rain, my husband was able to take them to work, but he won't be able to do that very frequently as he has to travel.

imabusybee Fri 14-Aug-15 07:47:38

What about doggy daycare then? You could have them picked up every morning Mon - Thurs and dropped off in the evening. Seems like the best solution!

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