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Suggestions for small dog to join family with a toddler.

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BocaDeTrucha Sun 09-Aug-15 15:05:04

Sorry if this had been done to death, but dh is actually giving signs of giving in over getting a dog. It needs to be one that is very small that we can take on a plane in the cabin as we take a few short haul flights a year ( to see family). We have a small garden and dh works from home so company for the dog during the day. Any suggestions?

ReggaeShark Sun 09-Aug-15 15:06:22

I wouldn't get a dog with a toddler.

maybebabybee Sun 09-Aug-15 15:09:07

Cavalier king Charles spaniel? They are fab with kids. But any dog can be fab with kids if socialised properly.

I don't think it's very fair to routinely take dogs on planes though, its pretty stressful for them.

Dieu Sun 09-Aug-15 15:22:11

I've heard the same about CKCS, but they can be prone to health issues, I think. I know someone with a Cavapoo (cross between a poodle and the above, with both parents health screened obviously) and they're delighted with him. They're like a smaller version of the popular Cockapoo cross. We have a Shih Tzu ... well, if it's good enough for Beyonce wink! He's a lovely wee thing but to me, nothing will come close to the Staffie pup we had as children. Probably a bit big for your needs though.

maybebabybee Sun 09-Aug-15 15:27:44

Yes absolutely, if you went for a cav go through a decent breeder.

I agree re: staffies, but they aren't small and I don't think they're a good first time dog owners dog.

tabulahrasa Sun 09-Aug-15 15:32:31

Staffies are pretty small and I'd reccomend them to first time owners... They're not hugely difficult dogs.

Don't think they're quite as small as the OP means though.

How small are you after? And do you mind grooming?

pieceofpurplesky Sun 09-Aug-15 15:35:07

Get a pug. They are sweet and small.. Mine is the friendliest boy

astridforty Sun 09-Aug-15 15:38:35

Bichon Frise, non moulting, very friendly and easily trained.

BocaDeTrucha Sun 09-Aug-15 15:55:29

Thanks for the suggestions. When I said a few flights, I really mean a couple of return trips per year, of about 2.5 hours each. But you're right, it's not ideal. We're still in the contemplation phase anyway yet.

I don't mind grooming at all, and non-moulting sounds right up my street!!! Staffies are too big, really, for what we need. Bichons and shih tzus were on my mental list as possible.

cogitosum Sun 09-Aug-15 15:58:17

I've just dog sat for my sister's cocker puppy with my 2yo ds and it was horrendous. Would not recommend a puppy with a toddler (and I adore dogs and always thought I'd have one with a family).

tabulahrasa Sun 09-Aug-15 15:59:04

I'd second bichons then, nice wee dogs, no huge health problems within the breed (there'll probably be some advisable tests, but they're not a breed where it's hard to find a healthy one), trainable...

Enchufla Sun 09-Aug-15 15:59:24

Depending how much you want to spend, havanese are gorgeous little dogs but theyre surpsingly heavy for their size

BocaDeTrucha Sun 09-Aug-15 16:06:09

For those who don't recommend, at what age can it be a better idea?? Don't say from birth because I don't have a time machine!

tabulahrasa Sun 09-Aug-15 16:13:10

3 or 4 depending on the child...good enough at following instructions to cope with a jumpy biting puppy without running round screeching (it makes them worse as that's exciting) and ok to be left in a room alone while you take one of your many toilet trips outside or deal with a mess the puppy has made and trustworthy about not poking, prodding or otherwise mistreating a puppy.

But, it may well take you about a year or more to find a good breeder, wait for them to breed, hope you're high enough up on the waiting list to get one from that litter and then wait for the puppy to be old enough to come home with you.

cogitosum Sun 09-Aug-15 16:13:51

I'm not sure when it would be as I only have a toddler. I couldn't have coped from birth either! Tbh I think she's a mad puppy and ds is and toddler which probably didn't help! Also she was able to get out of our garden which made it very hard as it meant any time we were outside she needed to be on a lead.

Lolimax Sun 09-Aug-15 16:18:27

I've always had dogs had mine before kids were born. We now have a cavachon and though my DC's are older teens she really is the sweetest natured thing. Not sure how she would cope with a flight but that's because I've spoilt her probably! Non moulting and very easy going.

Lolimax Sun 09-Aug-15 16:23:30

Oh and when my DS was only about 8 months old I decided to stop sterilising when I saw him and my lovely old staffy sharing a custard cream. Each would have a lick in turn. (He had a very good concept of a biscuit- a link to another thread on here!) he's grown up to be an allergy free 6ft healthy lad so I take comfort in that!!

Costacoffeeplease Sun 09-Aug-15 16:24:25

I think children should be school age so 4/5 before introducing a dog, especially a puppy. Puppies are extremely hard work, toilet training, obedience training, stopping them jumping up, biting etc, it can be up to 18 months of really hard work, and combining that with a toddler is just asking for trouble

Costacoffeeplease Sun 09-Aug-15 16:25:44

Which airlines allow dogs in the cabin? I don't know of any

Dieu Sun 09-Aug-15 16:40:28

And I can second Costa's comment about puppies being hard work. i'm a single mum of 3 very well raised daughters, and my pup is been undoubtedly harder work!

Ridingthegravytrain Sun 09-Aug-15 18:51:38

5 yrs plus. I have 2 dogs I had before my 2 were born and I keep them separated at all times and will do until they are older and less unpredictable and screamy. Dogs do NOT like toddlers whatever people may say

LBOCS Sun 09-Aug-15 20:11:36

I have a toddler and a puppy. It really wasn't the best idea I've ever had. It's not hard work doubled; it's hard work squared.

BocaDeTrucha Sun 09-Aug-15 23:13:13

OK, I'm thinking we may need to put this is on hold for a couple more years. costa, Iberia allow dogs in the cabin as long as they are under a certain weight and are in a travelling bag. Also our local regional airline allow dogs under the same conditions. They would be the 2 we fly with most, except Ryanair who don't allow dogs at all.

miserablemoo Mon 10-Aug-15 00:13:23

Hi. I honestly wouldn't have a puppy and a toddler. I'd wait till they are school age at the earliest!

Wotsitsareafterme Mon 10-Aug-15 00:19:47

I have a cocker puppy and a nearly 3 year old. It has been ok - not brilliant and not a nightmare. I did plan ahead though that the dog would never be unsupervised with the kids and at any point I need to leave the room he goes in the kitchen behind the stair gate. If you can't put in place a similar barrier it's a non starter. It's been brilliant with dd1 who is 5.5 no issues there.
The puppy is a lot less work than dd2 though! Crate training has worked well for us too.

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