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worried about dog left with sitter

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babyblackbird Sat 08-Aug-15 18:57:36

This may be long. .... we were supposed to drop our dog with dog sitter today before going on hols tomorrow. he is someone we have used once before when away for a week and everything was fine. he is a professional as in he also walks othwr dogs and usually has one other dog boarding with him. last time he commentwd on how well our dog, aged 11 months (black lab) at the time got on with all the other dogs he walks. today when dh went to drop dog a spaniel who we know and our dog has met on numerous occasions was also boarding with him and attacked our dog. no physical harm done BUT our puppy has been bitten quite badly twice before and is therefore quite timid/ nervous/ skittish around other dogs. I have socialised him loads even after both bites knowing that desoute my own fears i have to appear zen like and its the best thing for him. anyway things were so bad today that dog sitter said he would have to find someone else in his team to have our dog as he now couldn't keep both dogs together and now knowing spaniel was aggressive he couldn't send spaniel elsewhere where there were other dogs ( spaniel been with him for a week without showing any aggression to any of the other dogs he has walked/looked after ). dh was sent to another member of team who only ever has one dog at a time and dropped dog off who apparently ran round quite happily in her garden. have had text since to say he settled fine and no worries. my reason for posting is I am so worried about my 13 month puppy who apparently was screaming in fright when attacked. I am terrified that when I get him back he will be a jibbering wreck and completely terrified of other dogs. need some reassurance. ....

babyblackbird Sun 09-Aug-15 23:03:41

Bump ...anyone.....

LetThereBeCupcakes Mon 10-Aug-15 09:09:57

Try not to worry. Hopefully your DDog will have forgotten all about it by the time you get home. What do you know about the new dog sitter - will he be taking your DDog out to meet other dogs?

babyblackbird Mon 10-Aug-15 14:22:14

Not sure, my husband dropped him off with her and she was told what had happened and I have filled her in on the fact he has been bitten in the past. she only ever has one dog to stay at a time and lives fairly rurally so dont know how many he will meet. she was very sweet to ddog so hopefully he will be fine but after so many attacks i just feel he's a lukely candidate for fear aggression now.

StayWithMe Mon 10-Aug-15 14:28:10

I think you should relax as it sounds like you have an excellent dog sitter. The fact that he was felt that your wee dog would fair better with someone else instead of insisting that they'd be ok is a good thing. I've had aggressive dogs stay before, bloody lieing owners, and it's a pain. I've had to keep them in separate rooms, but I had help here so was able to cope. Needless to say the aggressive dogs don't come back.

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