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First time puppy owner confused by how much I should feed pup, help please!

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starfish71 Wed 05-Aug-15 17:27:38

We have an 8 week old bichon x la chon apso puppy who is wonderful and settling in well but I am confused how much I should feed him.

We have had him a week and continuing him for the moment on pedigree puppy pouches.

Should he be fed 2 pouches a day or is this too much? Any help appreciated thanks.

snala Wed 05-Aug-15 18:30:50

Follow the guidelines on the packet, did the breeder not give you any info on feeding etc?

I would have a look at the 'all about dog food' website and consider changing the food over. Pedigree really isn't a good dog food.

Enjoy your pup.

starfish71 Wed 05-Aug-15 18:46:39

It says on box at 5kg it should be 4 pouches so I guess then it should be 2...or nearly 2.

Completely new at this so if anyone can recommend the best puppy food for my lovely boy then would be grateful.

snala Wed 05-Aug-15 20:27:08

How much does pup weigh?

Have a look at the website I suggested it's full of really helpful info.

Millie's wolfheart, Eden, canagan are all good foods that can be fed from puppy to old age as they are so full of good stuff.

The better foods seem expensive but work out better value as you don't need to feed as much because the quality is so much better.
Pedigree is full of cereals, fillers,fat etc.

snala Wed 05-Aug-15 20:28:07

How much was the breeder feeding? Did they give you a feeding guide in with your puppy pack?

Fluffy24 Wed 05-Aug-15 20:30:25

Ask your vet practice, you'll need to speak to them about jabs anyway.

kilmuir Wed 05-Aug-15 20:35:03

should be 4 times a day at that age,
we used Arden Grange puppy food. better price from Zooplus etc. pedigree chum is rubbish food to be honest

starfish71 Wed 05-Aug-15 21:26:47

Thank you all so much. Breeder told me he and rest of litter were being fed pedigree puppy wet food and I stupidly didn't think to ask how much per day.

I have taken Humphrey to our vets the day after we brought him home. He is booked in for 2nd vaccine on 26th August. He weighs 2.5 at moment, very healthy weight they said.

I am looking at the website now and will buy one of those recommended. I would need to change over gradually I guess?

kilmuir Thu 06-Aug-15 00:01:35

yes, you could mix in some of the dry food with the wet

snala Thu 06-Aug-15 09:40:21

If you go for Millie's wolf heart or Eden phone their customer service up. They are fantastic and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about feeding amounts, changing over, which food to start with etc.
They have a facebook page too.

starfish71 Thu 06-Aug-15 10:22:59

I think I am going to go for the Eden. Going to give them a call now, gave myself a headache worrying about which food to go for!

Whole new world this puppy owning business isn't it?! ��

snala Thu 06-Aug-15 14:09:02

It's a minefield!!
Did you get sorted?

WeAllHaveWings Thu 06-Aug-15 14:14:25

Word of warning about Eden, its a very good quality food and lots of dogs do very well on it, but if you Google you will also find a lot of people have issues with the food and loose stools.

We tried to get ddog onto Eden from around 14 weeks, we had awful loose stools that we embarrassingly couldn't pick up and smelly wind. We phoned them and tried their advice for months, we were told his body was detoxing from previous food, to try elm tree bark, canikur probiotic paste, a slow feeder as he was eating it too quickly hmm, to feed less, to feed more, and basically keep trying. We were a bit naïve in thinking we had to give the pup these things.

2-3 days after giving up and switching to Millies Wolfheart I brought a poo bag home to show dh it was so lovely and small and firm blush and the smelly wind disappeared. We binned an almost full ~£50 bag of Eden.

I've seen Millies advising owners their food is not suitable if they don't think its best for the dog, I found Eden just wanted me to keep trying and trying even though my pup had had runny stools for months which cant have been good for him. I left a review for Eden on a website, not a bad one, just saying I seemed a good food but it didn't suit our dog and Eden were quite defensive and blaming me with their replies even though I'd tried every single thing they suggested.

We feed Millie's countryside mix and salmon & veg. Both are great for ddog. I've tried other Millies recipes and they were ok but the smelly wind returned so don't suit our dog, think it might be the trout or herring as they are a common factor in the Eden and the Millies recipes we tried.

Try Eden, it might suit your dog, but if it doesn't don't be sucked into keeping it going to months, its not worth it!

starfish71 Thu 06-Aug-15 15:18:20

Oh dear, order on its way now so will have to keep my fingers crossed it will be suitable for him but I won't keep trying if it isn't going well.

Thought of runny poos not good!

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